Friday, July 31, 2009

This a barber shop in the Cuiheng village.

This carpenter workshop most of the villagers agriculture tools etc was make in this carpenter shop.
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The main hall of the Sun house.
One of the room was use to display a wedding room and items use for wedding etc.
The fire figthing engine and buckets use for fire fighting this is on the left side of the house courr yard.
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Dr SUN YET SEN Family house

In front of the house.
One of the small room next to the kitchen.
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Monday, July 27, 2009

1st of Janurary or New Year, all offer item are fruits and vegetables from the village .
The nine dishes offer for prayer during the Chinese New year.
Qing Ming festival where villages wnet to their ancestor tomb to offer the prayer and burning of paper money, house etc . In the modern time now, car, mobile phone, TV, DVD, etc.
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chinese Festivals CuiHeng village, Zhongshan, China

The most important festival for the Chinese is the Lunar New Year which is celebrated from day 1 to day 15. This Lunar New year season is celebrated throughout China but there are variations between North, Central and South China. Chinese throughout the world also celebrate lunar new year including those staying in the Western nations. IN Cuiheng village Zhongshan the birth place of Dr Sun Yet Sen nine Chinese festivals was the most important and it was celebrated by the whole village.
In the Chinese Folk Exibition there was a complete display of the 10 festivals celebrated and the type of dishes being prepare and use for the prayer.
1. 1st January Spring Festival.
2. New Year Festival (15 days)
3. Qing Ming
4. Baptism of Buddha 8th April
5. Duan Wu 5th May Dumpling
6. Qixi 7th 7trh month
8. Mid Autumn 15th August
9. Chong Yang 9th of September
10. Dong Zhi
Some of the houses all more than over 100 years old and some being converted for display. Dr Sun Yet Sen former old hpouse was inside before he return from overseas and built a new one in the early 1900 and the house was completed by 1913.
The hall of a house where it face the the main entrance door. The prayer altar are very high right to the top of the ceiling.
This table was place on the right side of the hall with another set of 3 Gods of Prosperty, Wealth and Longevity.
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Just one of the many houses in Cuiheng village Zhongshan city the hoem village of Dr Sun Yet Sen.

The owner of this house was one the rich land lord with rice field and fruit orchard etc.It is quite a big house duirng those day at the village.
Another house with beatiful design on top of the door, unfortunately visitors are not allow to enter inside to take photo etc but could clearly inside the ha;ll and the rooms from window.
During the 1800 to 1900 at the peak there as over 300 houses in CuiHeng village make famous by Dr Sun Yet Sen the Father of China. Otherwise this Cuiheng village will become like any other villages in China make way for fast development. Many world famous president visit this Cuiheng village. I was told to built this memorial park maany houses make way for the park. However there still enough left for display.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dr Sun Yat Sen former residence at Cuiheng village. This kitchen was built in 1913 the stone oven was the same type that we could find in all Chinses villages in Malaysia and uses rubber woods for fire. This remind me of our old house in Petaling Jaya old town section 2 where the kitchen oven was bricks and uses rubber woods for cooking etc.

At other corner of the kitchen there is 2 smaller oven normally use for boiling soup and herbal medicine etc.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This is the front of Dr Sun Yat Sen residence which he built after returning from oversea in the early 1900. His former old residence was inside the Cuiheng village just behind this house and it is still preserve for tourists to visit.
To take photos in front here you need to wait for your turn. Most of the visitors never fail to take photo here and if there is a group photo it will take time and you wait longer.

This old tree estimate 130 years old was planted by Dr SYS when this house was completed.
The main entrance to the house, behind Mr Lai is the main hall with DR SYS photo. However no photos allow to be taken once visitor is inside the hall.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dr Sun Yat Sen memorial Park by taxi from hotel only yuan$70 and travelling time about 45 minutes. It is FOC and this is a must for tourists and it took us more than 4 hours to see all the CUIHENG village and DR Sun Yat memorial museum all inside the park.
The entrance to the memorail park, all tourists take phoot in front of these famous fours words (calligrahy) by the great Chinese revolutionary and political leader. He over throw Qing Dynasty in 1911 October and co-founder of Kuomington (KMT) and became formost pioneer of Republic of China.

Inside the memorial park, it is the Cuiheng village where there a re about 300 village houses since 1800 where Dr Sun Yat Sen stay and live here during his childhood days 1866 till went overseas for medicine in Hawaii and return as a DR. For all about his life visit . I first visited this Cuiheng village in the early 1988 and then in 1996 again but there wasn't any memorial park as this size with well landscape garden etc. Some of the outer village houses make way for this memorial park and it is nw a beautiful open museum for tourists to spend the whole day if wanted to do so.
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Saturday, July 11, 2009

This fried carrot cake was the best I ever tasted and 70% carrot ingredient use whereas it common for you get 70% flour instead. I am just lost for words how to describe the taste and how it was fried wihtout being oily like others fried carrot cake with added sauces etc but this carrot cake was so different only the skin slightly brown and quite a lot of vegetable and shrimp added to it.

This a milk dessert but it sweet as such I just a small scope that all to taste.
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24th June 09 decided to have an early Dim Sum breakfast at the Shang Palace before visiting the Dr Sun Yat Sen memorial park. On the 23rd after check into Shangri-La already have dim sum lunch and it was so good but due very hungry and the dim sum so tasty just forget to take any photos. The chicken feet was not oily and it was soft but yet crispy to bite. The rice wrapped in lotus leaf again it was not oily and give a fragrance aroma. This Shang Palace restaurant claim their dim sum all in natural original taste nmo MSG added as such there is no chilli, tomatoes or any sauce being provided.

This siu mei Chinese herb give a very special herbal taste so delicious and give a strong bite when put in the mouth.
This look similar to Shanghai xaio long baozi but it is shrimp pork bun to eat it use your hand to hold the bun with the cup and suck all the tasty juice first before bitting.
Spinach n Pork there are more spinach than pork which give the impression that you eating a vegetarian dim sum. Over all I must say that the Dim Sim here is any time better than dim sum serve at the Shangri-la Kuala Lumpur Shang Palace restaurant. In fact dim sum in Guangzhou are all better than our dim sum in Malaysia not even those so call famous dim sum. The only way to enjoy dim sum is to order and then the chef preapre and cook it and serve hot to customer. True to their claim the dim sum all in natural and original taste as such the table does not have any kind of sauces provided. All the ingredients use for it kind of dim sum different from one and other whereas in Malaysia even the famous restaurant dim sum are using the same ingredients the only different was the sharp and presentation etc.
Next time when eat dim sum don't just put into your mouth, use the chopstick and open the dim sum into half and see for youself what are the ingredients inside. It is the same for most dim sum except some where different between steam and fried varieties. You can eat such dim sum without using chilli, tomatoes and black bean sauces etc. The dim sum here are bigger and it is very filling after eating just 7 dim sum.
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Zhongshan PT 2. Pedestrian Street

SUNWEN Road is a very long road that run through the older city section where the Pedestrain street or walker street where the road are only 2 lanes each way. Here you see people and cars and buses etc. but the in the new area where Shangri la hotel and office buildings the Sunwen road is at least 5 lanes on each side and planted with trees and flowers etc just green like garden.
Sunwen walker street as the local call is the place for good shopping and explore the older part of this 2000 years old city and famous due Father of China home. It is a street that have many building from 1800 onwards with interesting history for it.The taxi fares from Shangri-la hotel only 12-15 $yuan and it take less than 10 minutes.
This location is the other end of the walker street or the next entrance. Here another group of trishaw and taxi waiting for customer. The manpower trishaw was used in the early 1900 now it is pedaling power. During the day time motorcyle was allow but there only a few and you can walk without looking at all it is safe. At night no trishaw or amy motorcyle permitted to enter the street and it was crowded with shoppers and people coming here for foods, drinks etc and it is cooling during the night. The walker street not like our Petaling Street or the Mosque Jid India walker street where the street both sides and middle line up with stalls hundred of them leaving no breathing spce for shoppers. I don't it is good image or healthy at all for shoppers to me it is just a dry market place. In Sunwen walker street it is nice and clean only a few stalls selling drinks and souvenirs are permitted it is locate a far distance from each one.
Mr Lai a Malaysian tourist standing between the trishaw puller and a business with tie and hat etc. dress in Western clothing. Mr Lai bought full suit with jacket, trouser and long sleeve shirt for only RN$199 plus free alteration to the trouser length.

This clock in front of a modern departmental store selling branded goods only. In this walker street there a mixture of the branded goods and the local China branded goods and the other goods. There no pirated DVD, CD selling here like our Petaling Street. The shops only DVD and CD etc all original as it is so cheap average Rm$6-10 only. Due limited time I cannot stay here long to explore as I only have 1 and half day free time and the rest will attending seminar and visit factory.
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