Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wood Ball Game

Woodball game is new sport from Taiwan and was introduce to Malaysia in the mid 1990 started at OUG, Kuala Lumpur.
It is game play like golf however with one wooden club and one wooden ball, the person who hits the ball into a wicket average length could 30 meters - 60 meters for about 12 course etc.
I was active in this game from 1998 -2000 and went to Taiwan and Shenyang China to took part in Asia Games Festival in 1998.
The opening ceremony was like any big sporting event etc.I was the team manager and we also play friendly match with sport university Beijing.
After Shengyang it was 4 days holidays in Beijing with group photo at Great wall.


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Sunday, December 27, 2009


F 4 Fish head started with one factory lot at Subang Industry park over the years with increasing customers finally occupy the next factory and there are plenty of tables. The only set back was week day with a factories operating it is quite noisy the best ime duirng weekend and public holidays.
There are at least 6 variety fish head menu to choose but our favaourite is still the ginger fish head and the sweet and sour assam fish head.
This time we decided to try the curry fish head but seem to have no flesh but bone so order another ginger fish head, next time we order ginger and assam fish head.
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Looking for some thing?
Meng Kit say BEST
Cold sweet coconut...
a box of tissue for customers..
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F 4 Fish Head

Taro bowl dish taste good and kids like it.

This clay pot of fish head curry however fish head bone doesn't seem to have flesh curry taste good suitable to mix with rice.
Another favourite of the kids prok rib sweet and sour.
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F4 Fish Head Subang Jaya Industries Park

Of a the place this famous fish head located at Subang Industry Park occupy 2 lots, weekend, holidays parking no problem as factories close.
Clean toilets.
Spacious plenty of seats and tables previously only occpuy one factory lot.
Place to wash your hands...
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Friday, December 25, 2009

Vietnam women no 6

My personal translator Ah Cheong took me to local bar, local are very small the most only less the 10 bar girls, they all dress in national costume not like those in Hong kong or Thailand low cut, bare back etc with as little cloth as possible.She only drink if customer ask her to do so otherwise just pour and refill your glass.
Ahe Cheong my trusted personal guide I call him whenever I arrive he doesn't work for anyone and run his own family desert shop in China town and a strong beer drinker.
Normal standard one cartoon place in a chair for customer, she drink about 6 cans but Ah Cheong finish about 12 cans untill I stop him as I don't want him to get drunk...
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Awana Kijal - over all view points.

Awana Kijal Golf Spa Beach resort consider so far the best beach hotel in East Coast 5 star local but not 5 star international standard. It is more than 10 over years old but the room furnishing fitting all quite quite well maintain compare to many 3-4 star hotels in Malaysia including those chains hotels after 10 years the rooms become 2 star standard bath room poor this not working and that, carpet dirty, TV blurr... other FF poor condition....
Awana Kijal bath room still clean like new but with a over head shower only hand held shower, long bath tub good but just given one bath tower only maybe due to 50% discount during moonsoon season as such cut corner.
Breadfast standard consider 3 star only again this what Malaysia hotels provided except those International 5 star standard hotels.
No comments on Golf course as i didn't play as it is time to be with 2 grand sons at beach and pool, just happy to see they enjoy so much..
Not sure next year come again or try other beach resort but grandsons prefer this Awana Kijal.

Awana Kijal Sayonara 15th Dec 09

Our 3rd day 15th December 09 after 2n/3d it time to say goodbye sayonara to Awana Kijal and heading back to kuala Lumpur after our lunch at Tong Juan Stuffed crab restaurant. On the main erast coast road starting from kijal both road sides line with stalls selling "lenang' a rice with coconut milk cook by BBQ fire,however we did'nt stop for this as we feel it is too oily with coconut milk but our favourite is the 'keropok'fish n prawn.
Father and son standing in front of the stall while women inside selecting their choice for Chinese new Year tib bits.
Prices start from Rm6-22 per package kg best is Ikan fish parang, tengirri.
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Awana Kijal lobby area

Lobby at level 3 where all the food outlets are located, I consider the lobby very enviromented design about 10 storey with the top no floor but opening for sea breeze to blow inside this remind me of the Garden Hotel Hong kong lobby all floors planted with plants and flower hanging down from each floor but it air condition.
looking dwon from 7th floor this fountain at the lobby entrance seats surrounding the fountain for guests to enjoy n order snaps drink...
So far this is most natural lobby that I come across but can further improve if there are plants , flowers etc palnted on each floor for guests at looby to enjoy.
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Awana kijal children pool

Meng June on top of the swimming stage it real fun climb up n down..
Meng Kit smilling he enjoy so much here....
Looking for ....
This section only for swimmers it is also divided into 3 section 2 pagoda jaguzzi here not that crowded as school holidays mostly parents bring children and husband maybe play golf.
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Awana Kijal Swimming pool

The mini water slide was most popular with children..
Father Kai shek joining just to keep close watch on his sons even the water depth only 1-2 ft in children playing pool.
Children having a good time climb up and sliding down again and again.
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Awana Kijal Golf beach resort

Awana Kijal Golf Beach Spa Resort is 5 star but the bread fast only 3 star, like most hotels, resorts in Malaysia the BF standard some time does measure up their rating STAR..
The same problem encounter for guests is the menu for BF doesn't seem to change at all is the same every morning..imagine if one is to stay a few nights.
Yogurt was provided on 1st morning but disappear the second morning.. cheapest tongol fish remain for sambal prawn you need to search for the prawn.
What I like is to order your egg omelete cook in front of me.
Coffee Ok to me being brew from coffee seeds before pour into the pot.
Overall the BF suitable for average local tourists but a travel veteran like me think so so lah.
A BF at any Australia 3 star hotels is more enjoyable with all the nuts, cereals, yogurt, good pastry off course the bacon etc..fresh fruits..

Awana kijal BF

Mim having toasted bread with jam and honey..
The pastry include local kuih cakes etc
Meng June still enjoying where as Meng Kit enough can't finsih the small piece...
Great chief standing guarding all the foods..
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