Monday, January 16, 2012

Yuexiu Park Guangzhou (2)

Yuexiu Park where Dr Sun Yet Sen memorial hall located is a very big and hilly park to visit, after Dr Sun Yet Sen memorial hall, if you know th park short cut route you can walk to the 2nd attraction Dr Sun Yet Sen pillar.

it is foc to visit Yuexiu park now, ust in 2009 you pay an entrance fees to enter the vast huge park...

the beauty of the park are all the tall shady trees where a visitors could practically walk under the shade even in sunny day..

after walking an hour reaching the first top level of the hill. 2 of my frens already too tire to continue...

if you wanted to cover all the attractions in the park you must have active lifestyle otherwise impossible do it just visit one attraction the Five Rams Statue on the top...

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Dr Sun Yet Sen memorial hall 27/11

Day two, 27/11/2011, after a scrumptious dim sum n Wong Tai Sin temple visit, our next sightseeing attraction Dr Sun Yet Sen memorial hall.

my first visit was in 1985 it was just only the memorial hall inside the hall there even stalls selling souvenirs etc.. last visited in 2009 there is a fees..

now it is foc, now but why the ticket booth still standing ask the staff YES it is free now...

the museum on the left side of the hall again it is FOC, here you get to read and see photos of the history of Dr Sun Yet Sen etc..greeting visitors is this golden statue of Dr Sun.

for those who are truly interested in the history on how Dr Sun over throw ending the the monarch dynasty system in China, you need to spend hours here walking the display 2nd floor hall..

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Dr Sun Yet Sen memorial hall

Dr Sun Yet Sen memorial hall from left side David, George n me, in front of the hall, behind the statue of Dr SYS

Margaret and her big brother..

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

All About Wong Tai Sin Temple

after spending an estimate of an hour, we end our tour of this Wong Tai Sin Temple inFangcun, Guangzhou n continue our next sightseeing ...

it is one way in and another way out through the Bonsai, water fall garden where there are 2 Wishing Trees for those who wanted to throw up their wishes to hang in one of the branches..

if your wishes get hang up at the first throw that mean 100% good, 2nd throw mean 75% your wish will be granted and the 3rd throw only 50% chances for you to get your wish..

Wong Tai Sin failed to trun the white stone into a goat...the white stone still standing tall...

there re about more than 50 bonsai here in the garden, some are award winners..

after WTS temple our next visit to Dr Sun Yet Sen memorial hall at theYiexiu Park..

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wong Tai Sin temple

Picture in front of the Wong Tai Sin temple main hall, on the right side a hall for Guan Yin God

all single ladies come here to pray for marriage, married women childless for a child..from Guan Yin God

for health and to get well from sickness pray to Wong Tai Sin...

my fren here asking for marriage...

I wish her the best in 2012 and her prayer answere.....

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

China Melon painting

Painting melon is an ancient art in China, there is a stall specializes in such melon painting art for visitors to buy..

the iron pagoda each layer with 5 bells hanging from a dragon...

buy one of this home and hang it on the door, when the wind blow wealth, luck and health will blow right into your home..

asking Margaret what she pray for!!!!

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