Sunday, November 29, 2009

Buddhist Exibition

The owner of this master piece ceremic vase sure know how to get donation!

This is a white Burmese jade Buddha on display but some visitors are praying...
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Thursday, November 26, 2009


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Monday, November 23, 2009

Buddhist Exibition

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Philip Maid arrested

Last Sunday police arrested 14 Philippine maids who were working a sex workers in outlet in K.L. Their fees RM200 and this is just the tip of it. A few years ago it was highlighted during Sunday P maid will gather at a particular place in China Town area waiting for their customer to come along. Those regular sex hunters sure know where it to look for such maid in K.L.
It was reported in the media recently legal foreign factories workers are using their flats for earning extra after working hours.

Our modern K.L. city is now a good international sex trading ground.....

Saturday, November 21, 2009

SEX service Kuala Lumpur 2009

Kuala Lumpur a modern city with budget airline AirAsia bringing all over various destinations different color for sex services. It is now an international market place of sex trade. There is still the cheap budget one at China town and other places for the foreigners workers legal or illegal.

Spreading all over Kuala Lumpur to as far as Klang Town and Petaling Jaya you can get such sex services. Most of the outlets are located in shopping area operating under foot message, ancient message, health spa, night club, bar and even seafood restaurants and Karoke lounge.

There are secret room available for customer who wanted it, however only the veteran know which are the outlets to go for it.
The women could be from Europe nations, Africa, beside Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China they normally come in as tourists and stay for 3 months and travel from K.L. to other places in Malaysia.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

SEX trade Kuala Lumpur 1960 part 1.2

In early 1960 Kuala Lumpur was still very under develope however looking back I prefer the early period 1960-1970. It is just carefree life style, no traffic jam, public buses right on dot, no cars on the road. No snatch thief, no robbery, no house break in etc. 100 RGT salary enough for you with 50 cents you can have a very good lunch etc, for bfast 10-30 cts you can have a full bfast at the market.

I was working part time during weekend at the PJ. old town wet market and can earn a dollar morning til noon. It was here that I learn about sex services in Kuala Lumpur China town n Pudu Road next to BB road. The older workers will tell us all about their trip to KL after payday for sex services. It was only 10 rgt per one time without any time limit but once you shoot the game it over that is the rule.

Like any young one age 14 yrs curious to find out decided to follow the elder workers to their once a month sex buying trip to K.L. there are 3 most of us call "green head" by the senior since we none of us have seem any bust of a women and touch or hold it.According to the rule one FKR can only bring one friend into the room after selection. The women will take off first only her shirt topless and allow the FKR friend to touch and hold for a few seconds only.
As this worker was a regular customer when he told the women this my first time seeing and hold the bust, she don't mind allow me to play with it a but longer. However I still feel shy and not that playful and feel very nervous.

After this first time I did follow them a few times, there are 2 other places where they go for it beside Jalan Sultan which toward the end near the Chan Clan Academy. Now this place was the place for foreigners to go for a F during the weekend.The entrance was by the back door only, there are still a few such hotels.

The next popular place was a row of hotels at Jalan Pudu startin from end of jalan Bukit Bintang facing opposite the Police Head quarter and new Bus terminal. However recently passing by it is a place for budget hotels.

The next place was Brickfield area where it was mostly other races. the other place was jalan Raja Laut in Tiong Nam all the side road lorong Taib 1,2,34, etc. now it is drug addicts place. I haven't been to place at all since 1970.

Monday, November 16, 2009

SEX TRADE ASIA part 1. History

Sex Trade History part no 1.

Sex services started from ancient time till now the 21st century, there is no stopping it as long as human being continue to exists in this modern world.
God try to stop this human flesh trade that flourish in every part of the world from the poorest nations to the most powerful develop nations. God created VD and in 1960 during Vietnam War the deadly Vietnam Rose that started by American Soldiers who spread to other Asia nations when they were on sex holidays in Thailand , Malaysia and Philippine after completing their round of war duty in Vietnam. The GI will come to kuala lumpur during 1965 - 1975 and spend about 2 weeks to spend all their money before returning for war duty in Vietnam because they fully know they may next the next when back in Vietnam fighting the Vietcong.

kuala lumpur in the early 1960 was even smaller than Saigon there is one 3/4 star hotel federal Hotel at jalan Bukit Bintang the rest are all 2 star hotels where the GI will stay with their P gal till their departure back to the war zone.

The P gals will wait for their air force flights arrival at the Subang Airport, the selection start once they left the departure hall. The P boss women will distribute their name cards and contact to the GI. The P gals will follow coach to the hotels.

At that time if you go to kuala Lumpur, jalan BB now known as Bintang Walk, Batu Road now Jalan TAR you will see GI with their gals at bar, restaurants etc.

The other 2 countries where the GI like to go was Thailand and Philippine however I am not able to tell what was it like most likely the same as in K.L.
However Thailand was make famous for sex services during the Vietnam war by GI.
I was working as an immigration officer at the airport during that time, the GI will come in US air force planes by hundred each time. On arrival at the arrival hall, banks already set up tables to exchange USD into our RM$. I was told by the bank officer at any one time the soldiers per group could exchange up 100K or more, that is not enough the bank will next be at the various hotel to exchange for more green bucks.

My next posting will on part No 2. kuala lumpur sex trade before 1965.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

JIN PIN TEA wholesaler Fangun

JIN PING one of the many wholesalers of tea located in the famous FNAGUN tea district in Gaungzhou City. This is the tea wholesaler where where my nephew took me there to select my tea. Here you can find tea from over China located in row row of shop and there tea complex inside the district where there are at least a few hundred shops selling anythings about tea from A-Z.
This are all the famous PU ER tea that could last for hundred years it is also nick name XO OLD TEA.
A self displaying all the tea pot s etc the top of cupboard there 3 tea ceremic container which was for the storing Pu ER tea only such ceremic pu er tea container could preserve the pu er tea for hundred of years to thousand.
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