Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lobster Roll

The best Lobster roll in Manhattan, New York, it is from a very small shop where lobsters are catch from down east Maine by the shop owner..

Cripsy bread roll witt very juicy lobster roll and herb.. so tasty and delicious that taking 3 lobster rolls is not a problem.. 

Kelly holding one plate to sahre with her Mum, whereas I prefer one plate for myself..


Raincoat and glove and net etc forthe cathcing of lobsters...

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

OUG morning street market.

The crowd is there last weekend, however it is not the peak yet, this weekend 26th Jan and following weekend till 9th Feb, the strret wi8ll turn to walking strret market no cars allow.


There four BBQ pork vendors here, this BBLoo is my favourite due to the aroma of when it is still warm, the taste very good due more spice added..Chinese New Year Eve  7th & 8th Feb, long Que to buy hjis bbq pork..   


Fireworks product are now on sales...

Thirsty you can enjoy fresh coconut water..

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Chinese New Year goods

The morning street wet market vendors are ready with all the food stuffs that are a must for Chinese new year clebration, such cockies are mostly home made.


The wax sausage, pork, duck etc are the hot food stuff that every family must buy for CNY..


Before when chosing for such Chinese New year hanging paper items for  decoration of the house etc, becareful or else you can the old stock last year unsold products. 
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Street Flowers Man

A customer listneing to OUG flower man explaining etc..

Orchid flowers are also the favorite chocies for those who wanted to decorate their house during the Chinese new year, its flowers are long lasting etc..


Red pineapple are the favourite of the Hokkein people..

Kum Kait or golden tangerine are popular for house owner to buy 2 two, placing left n right at the main entrance..

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OUG Flower Man

Our most popular flower man salute all his regular customers at his flower stall in the morning street maket at Overseas union garden, kuala lumpur.

This time with Chinese New Year just less the 2 weeks away, he is busy selling all the all time favourite flowers and plant related to good Feng Shui etc.. 

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rather Kiss A Cock..

I'D rather kiss a cock than eat your chicken.
I'D rather kiss a chicken than eat your cock.

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