Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hakka Bao Bao Xiang

Our tea drinking and lunch on 25th September at Hakka bao Bao Xiang USJ 9, Subang Jaya.

Yam 3 layers pork with thick gravy, this dish I consider good as the 3 layers pork use was not fatty but 90% meat..the gravy just nice..

One plate of bitter gourd fried with salted egg taste good succulent n not bitter at all, in fact bitter gourd is one of my most favourite vege..

Yam abacus it is call because the shape like the seats of abacus.. this is another popular hakka dish.

Pork ( fah lam) in clay pot good for eating together with rice similar witht he yam pork..

Freid pork with black fungus, well comapring with my mother cooking I still prefer my mother receipe which currently my wife know how to cook this dish...

The young boss taste our puer tea and she say it is good...

Well she give us n extra FOC special tau foo in egg, this a a very tasty dish it is the restaurant own creation...

I am sure we have good lunch and puer tea drinking at this hakka restaurant,,,sure like to come back again to try out other dishes.

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Hakka Foods

This the hakka LUI CHA which purely a vegetarian dish with peanuts n fice other type of vegetables mix with rice and then pour the special vege herb soup ( not many people like the taste n aroma of this soup) so our party did not order this dish to share.

For those we did not want to order laa carte from the menu, can go for theset menu for 2-6 persons...

There is also a clay pot rice...look like we need to come here again to try out the other dishes...

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Qian Li Xiang Bah Kut Teh

My original intention was to try out a newly open Bak Kut Teh shop just behind this one that include clay pot fish head... but due to just one row behind it ddn't ended in this Qian Li Xiang bak kut teh..

this a dry bak kut teh in clay pot without the soup but in thick gravy...

This clay pot of mix pork meats( 3 layer, pork stomach, pork ribs and bean curd)..

This bowl fried Yau Cha keoy it is very tasty when dip into the bak kut teh soup but very bad for health.. I never eat this not even one piece but somehow my good frens just love it... maybe they think once in blue moon it is OK some more they are all drinking puer detox..

Therefore for a bak kut teh lunch, to ensure my frens by drinking the best puer tea atleast it could help them to detox all those yau Chay Keoy which are all fried in the same wok of oil ( that are use many times over and over again)

I make sure extra puer tea inside the pot so that it it thick and strong for them after all the oily foods and soup high in cholesterol.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Beggar Kitchen

The restaurant owner tractor excavator diging for the the right of clay that can be use to cover int ready chicken, duck, pig trotter , rice or other other ingredients use for the beggar cooking method which could include seafoods etc.

The machine use grinding the clay into soft clay similar to those use for making ceramic pottery etc..the ready fine smooth clay use for covering up the foods wrap by alumimium foil.

Firewood and other wooden boxes are use for starting the fire in the kitchen...

The food wrap all inside in the alumimium foil the outer layer cover by clay, all place on top of the brick oven with the hot ashes of the burning firewoods are place on top cover all the food wrap in caly for hours..

The clay break up into pices revealing on the alumimium wraping and serve to the the customer on table.
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beggars Restaurant IJOK

In this Beggar restaurant beside the 4 dishes chicken, duck, pig rotter and rice cookec in beggar method bake over fire etc..cover with clay,
there are 5 other dishes cookec in the normal restaurant cooking method.. Shark fin soup...

Prawns fried with heavy thick sauce...

vegetables ...

Steam fish Thai style...

The beggar rice was to go together with all the dishes, but since all stomach full , so it is pack to take home . don't waste it.

This pig stomach in heavy pepper soup very hot but good for digestion etc...

2 plate of fruits was included in this menu posting will be on the making of beggar foods..

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