Saturday, October 31, 2009

The entrance of the Satisloh factory, at the reception table for registeration etc...the opening by Zhongshan city free trade Zone Chairman.

Three of the visitors from Japan there are estimate about 100 over visistors all over the world.
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Sarisloh Opening Ceremony Zhonshang

In China openeing ceremony normally come with dragon dance and fir crackers, I was at the Sastiloh Zhongshan city for the new factory opening ceremony and workshop etc.
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hanoi school children transport

This photo of school children going to school in Cyclo ( trishaw in Vietnamese) in Hanoi 1993, I was outside a restaurant famous for selling only one dish "Fish" cook in some gravy. It is crowded with tourists in this restaurant and you need to Q up duirng lunch time n dinner times.
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Thou shell not expect to find things...

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The fruits OK ..

The roast duck, lamb etc are poor so are the rest of dishes.
The owner of the Federal Hotel group should bring their friends to taste their foods and ask for their opinion...
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Revolving Restarant 18th flr Federal hotel

The dim sum poor could be make by a aprrentince dim sum maker, the popia use poor ingredients 1 bit I throw out into the plate, the rest I did not feel like trying..
All this cold dishes could have been keep in the cold rooms for years as such no taste at all.
Children only like the deserts cakes, etc they don't even liek the other dishes as they know about good food taste better.
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Poor Buffet Lunch foods at 18th Floor

The foods layout seem to be good tasting but... poor

Good Looking but tastless onebit you take the second bit.
I didn't try even these ...
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Revolving Restaurant 18th Federal hotel

Buffet lunch at revoling restarant Federal hotel 18th with intention to let grandchildren see the Kuala Lumpur skyline and enjoy the food.
The foods serve was the worse I ever come across from a hotel, maybe Federal Hotel after more than 52 years old where all the old cooks are retire! The revolving suppose to revolve however it not start turning around one hour later.
There was only one blower for air condition air without revolving the restaurant was Hot like an oven plus the very lousy food serve.
Maybe the hotel owner too old to conduct on the spot checking or thinking customers cccan come onece and never come again
The twin towers just below the ever busy Bukit Bintang Road.
The Kuala Lumour tower and some high rise buildings.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Meng Jun Graduation

Meng Jun receive his degree fully qualify to attend standard one in 2010.
Men Jun and his classmates dancing after graduation ceremony.
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Father Kai Shek very happy with Meng Jun no one in the class.

Little proffessors
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Meng Jun Graduation

Meng Jun with his mother Mimi Chen
Meng Jun with teacher Asella
Mimi and her son Meng Jun
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Stone Tea tray , tea pot, tea container

This stone tea tray was a master piece and I dont think there is any second one copy or not from this original. I have to see any one similar in China, Malaysia after visitng at least hundred of tea shops during the last 25 years. It is funny that I did not get this stone tea tray from China but at the border town in North Vietnam near China Guanxi . This town was the trading post for China and Vietnam where all the goods are exchange cash or in goods. Vietnamese sell cats to China and China sell dogs to Vietnam here.
According to the shop owner this is a master piece and the master jsut die after he completed this one. It is about 30 kgs and need two person to carry, there are 7 cows with water lily leave around. I was once offer RM15 K by a tea shop owner but I refuse to let go.I will pass it to one of grandson who like to drink Chinese tea when they grow up as adult.
This XIYING teapot was given to me by my nephew at his Fangun tea shop with all the holdy Buddhist verses.
This is special container for tea make of paper with a golden dragon on the top cover.
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Ceremic Tea tray, Tea pot

This ceremic tea tray much more easy to clean as compare to the bamboo and wooden tray, however ceremic tea pot only sutiable for brewing fragrance tea and green tea.
This big tea pot was bought in Guangzhou in 1982 it is about 5 kgs with Buddhist hody verses I have yet to brew tea with this pot. If there a tea party ( Chinese Tea drinking party) of 20 people than I will use it to brew tea.
This tea pot make from special soft stone, the pot was crave out from stone.
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My old good friend from Zengdu Sichaun Mdm Fu Chiu Suet www. through her niece husband Malaysian Eric Tay give me this two very special famous Sichuan tea. Mengdingshan Mountain Brown and Green tea this tea 1200 years back was deliver to the Emperor yearly. In 1959 it was selected as one of the tea by the China government as gift for special VIP guests.
The first time I tasted this tea was in 2004 when she visited Kuala Lumpur some how drinking Chinese tea seem to become very popular in Malaysia. There are many tea shops in Kuala Lumpur but none look beyond Jujian, Yunan, Guangzhou , for toehr tea in Sichuan or other states in China.
Besides this two mengdinshan Moutain tea in Sichuan there are quite a few other good green tea. I accidently come across this Sichaun tea when I visited Sichuan in 1999 while shopping at Carefour in Zengdu. I bought at least ten packages of various type and regreted that I didn't buy more.
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