Friday, December 30, 2011

VIP Dim Sum

Margaret all dress up to for a VIP dim sum on the 27/11 morning ..

this a 400 years old building but the 5 star restaurant only ove a year old it is new wine in an old bottle..

all the vip rooms located at thios floor, there are 10 such rooms..

our room 209 and outside the ground there is a nice garden..

a fish pund with fountain at the entrance of the vip floor..

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

AIDS Prevention

Notice there are such condom vending machine on the street, located at most of the corner of the street, this how Guangzhou city authority do for the prevention of Aids and reduce babies...

Translation directly into English Chung Kok liquor ghost liquor, common to see a few such liquor shops on the same street...
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wantan Noodle

Hahaha early bird get the worms..doing my early morning walking exercise , i come acroos this wantan noodle shop near the hotel.

after checking out and knowing there a are few outlets in Gunahgzhou, therefore must be very good..

I am not dissapointed at all, it is the best so far and beat our best wantan noodle shop in K.L.

establish since 1979, there are also other menu including beef noodle...etc. my David decided to try out the next morning beef noodle and he claim BEST.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Shangxiajiuliu walking street.

the main entrance to Shangxiajiuliu pedestrain street, this street name very funny it mean Up down 9 walking street..

a hawker selling roast chestnuts, the chestnuts after raosted just split open so easy to take of the hard shell to eat...

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Shangxiajiuliu Walking Street

The walking streets in China major cities does not permit any street vendors, but there are exception if the street vendor selling very traditional snacks etc, this is the only street vendor we saw, dress the the old traditonal costumes selling dry dates..

many local interested to buy some to taste after all you cna't to get this kind of dry date....

at night one of the side lane was coverted into a foods lane, there are hundred of various food stalls...

wait pedestrain street no car allow... but this is the only car..the drive must be from Malaysia lost his way.. wrong entry..
he will be stop and with his car lock in police station...

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shangxiajiu Pedestrain Street

from Liwan bay it took us 45 minutes slow walk to the famous Shangxia jiu pedestrain street a shopping heaven for is People Mountain People Sea, like people having a celebration ...

Shangxiajiu consist of the older section and the new modern section, the older sections goods are minly local products whereas the new include imported goods etc..

the older sections shops are smaller but there many restaurants selling local delicacies foods....

the new section buildings are modern except some old old restaurants..

this Lian Xi Lou restaurant 122 years (1889) famous for its biscuits and foods..we ended have one of our lunch here a few days later.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Liwan Bay

after steam wok fish dinner 26/11, we went for the beautiful night scene of the famous Liwan bay, beside the lights etc you can experience trying out some of the local delicacies snacks that are only available in Guangzhou.

The museum close by night , this museum will display all the history and artifacts of Liwan the once famous rich people live here...

long corridor that pratically enable you ealk around Liwan from end to end...filmmakers commonly choose this place for shooting etc...

thefamous free run chciken rice shop more than 100 years old still around...

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Liwan Bay

Liwan the older quarter of Guangzhou where many famous people live here, it is now totally turn over into a new tourist sightseeing attractions by day and nights.

you can get all the local decious snacks here and local famous foods at a row of shop houses...

you can enjoy boat ride in the canal and the Liwan bay..

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