Wednesday, May 30, 2012

XiQiao mountain village home steamboat

Our 2 kgs over mountain river carp fillets for the herbal steam boat.
 all it take just less than a minute after dipping the river carp fillets and eat, eat , eat so delicious, other than herbs added there are no other type of sauces require.

 only a bowl of ginger chop into small pieces and spring onion and a bowl of vegetable oil for customers to dip.
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wong Fei Hung Stage

Kung Fu master Wong Fei Hung birth place XiQiao moutain and his childhoon time learning kung fu from his father.
However he did not set up his kung fu school here but in Foshan city.

The famous Xiqiao kung Fu stage was built at the water dam, here all the perform of fung fu, dragon dances, cultural show etc was held every month here.
martial arts competition was popular here, there various competition for various type of ages etc.
Noi wonder there are more than 100 martial art school here in Xiqiao. 

I was warn never to take a wife from Xiqiao unless yourself is a holder of 8th dan black belt ....Taekwondo etc..
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No Shell Escargot

if you are interested to catch escargot without shell, here is the place, but you need to walk down hunddred of steep steps down to the mountain river..

I was told the escargot here are sweet and delicious best fried wirth chilli or steamboat...

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Sifang bamboo garden name after a type of bamboo in square shape ( sifang),
David Ng and Shou kong enjoy the cool mountain fresh air, holding his IPAD to take phots and email back home.

entrance to another bamboo garden where there are more than 100 varieties of bamboo all over the world.

 it is a pity we don't have the time to firther explore this bamboo garden, as originally our intention is directly go to Chongqing to visit the Seven Star Caves.
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Monday, May 28, 2012

NanHai Godess of Mercy, XiQao Mountain

A wrong turn on the way to ChongQing city take us to the Birth place of Canton top ten kung Fu master Wong Fei Hung.
Only realise our mistake after 45 minutes, to turn back to re connect back to highway mean another lost of 45 minutes, might as well travel for another 30 mintues to this famous local sightseeing destination but un known to the foreign visitors.

Our  visit visit is the tallest Nanhai Godess of Mercy statue, 6 storey high, however i only clim up to the 3rd floor level.

A big bronze bell standing and over looking toward the front main entrance.

 the base ground level wall all engrave with Buddhist pictures showing and telling the story of Buddha etc...

inside the 3rd floor the wall painted with colorful pictures of the all the heavenly gods, there are more total 108 pictures on both side of the rounded wall in circle.

the main front entrance, if walk front the main entrance to reach the statue it tkes at least 45 mintues, so we drive up instead.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Heavenly Goats family

 David, Shou kong and me feeling on top of Guangzhou Park after climbing up hill using the scenic trail but also the most demanding trails, maybe total afew thousand steps and 3 hrs of walking, resting n walking.
 The 5 goats are from the Heaven, one day they wander out, looking down from heaven they saw this beautiful Guangzhou n decided to descend down from heaven n stay forwever.
This the road that start from bottom of the hill to the top where the 5 goat come down to drink water from the crystal clear lake.
 Now adays it is a favourite for loving couple to come here for boating..
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Fairy road

  • The fairies walk this road up to the hill top to feed the 5 goats family. 
 There is lake with crystal clear water where visitors can baot around the scenic lake.
bottom of the park where most the coaches wait for the return of visitors. 
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yuexiu Park 5 Goats.

 on top of yuexiu park stand the 5 goats monument this is the most popular place most tourists just climb up from the front entrance take about 15 minutes only.
 3 of us with nephew as guide use the most scenic trail that cover all others scenic spots including the museum it take about 3 hrs to rach the top.
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