Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This is the stone bridge just about 60km from Beijing an hour by road. It is call the Marco Polo bridge visited by Marco Polo in the 18 century and recorded in his dairy and become world famous. The Mandarin calligraphy was written by Emperor Ken Lung when he first visited the bridge. He was the only emperor that disguise himself and travel around China to know more about his people and taste the local famous foods not found in the palaceetc. In Beijing there is a Dim Sum restaurant that only sell one type Xiao Mie but with more than 20 varietes to choose but luch time you need to Q outside. Inside the restaurant hang emperor calligrahy written by the emperor.

I only have the oppotunity to visit this Marcp Polo stone bridge with hundred over stone lion each different from one another, you can't find a stone lion of the same expression etc. It was in 1991 when as a Million dollars agent that I was invited for MAS 81st Destination, Beijing for 4 days and I extended another 6 days to visit Marco Polo bridge and other Beijing sigthseeing attractions that are not included in normal tour packages.

The bridge only for pedestrain and bicycle and motor cycle but the rider need to get down and push his motor cycle across the bridge. To see a clearer picture of the stone lion just log in on the website just type marco polo bridge that all.

The stone lions are on both side of the bridge on the other side are the shops on both side. However there are only shops in the bridge head where Emperor calligrahpy crave in a stone pillar lining both sides of the street. All the shops are very old some hundred over year, selling handicrafts, antique that from Ming , Yuan dynasty etc. By now I am sure the touirsm authority must have made the place much better for the tourists. There is also a museum on the war between Japan and Kuomingtan army crweated by Japan when they overun Manchria. For more details log in the website to learn about the Marco Polo Bridge and the Japan China war that fortunately did not damage the bridge at all.
It is quite for me to know that Malaysian not many visited this world famous bridge when it is so near Beijing as comapare to the Western tourists. I saw western tourists visiting this place when I was there but none from Malaysia, Singapore or any overseas Chinese. I am hopeful travel agents will include this world famous stone bridge in thier tour itinenary. For thoe are visiting Beijing the second time don'y miss this bridge any more.
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Monday, June 29, 2009

Just return from Zhongshan and Guangzhou after 8 days arm with hundred of photos taken it will take me some times to sort all the stories that I wanted to publish within a few days. there is so much to write about Zhongshan Sunwen walker shopping street with buildings that are hundred years old and DR Sun Yat Sen former old residence in Cuihan village.
In Guangzhou 2 walker shopping street and Fancun tea district where all the tea from China is here for you. Tea merchant from over the world the come here.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Malaysia company using King of the Fruit DURAIN Eat All You Can for Free to get customers.
In New Zealand it is Kiwi fruit.In Australia it is Kangaroo steak.
In USA it is OBAMA burger. In Mexico it is Free Pork chop Eat All You can for Free.
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

SEX service in China

SEX trade is the oldest in the world and it is in every corner of the world as long there is men and women. No government can wipe out sex trade or put all the sex workers in jail not even in China. In USA, UK, Europe, Asean nations, Middle East, Eastern Europe, India, Sri Lanka.
Having been travels to more than 30 over nations though out my 30 over years in the Travel Industry, I had the opportunity to see it and sometime experience!
Each countries sex workers offer their services legally or illegal depend on the laws of their nation legalize or not legal. In Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea and Manila I was most exposed to the sex service business over there during the 1970 & 1980.
In my earlier Taiwan write out on sex trade, I have more or less write about all that I across personally. I am not sure whether I miss out any type but if so I will include later when memory come back to me.
Yes I think I miss one most unforgettable encounter with a lady during one my trip during Taiwan double ten celebration. One of my regular customer a Dato knowing that I was going there asked to bring over some gifts to her God daughter.
It was on the eve of the celebration night with fire works display that she came to meet me at the hotel. However not knowing that night the hotel I stay was consider to offer the best view for fireworks display as it overlook the river. The public was trying to rush into the hotel top floor restaurant, as such the hotel to avoid over crowded decided to only allow those who book table in advance or hotel guests in.
looking at the huge crowd outside the hotel I have no choice but to stand at the door and try to keep look out for the lady. Finally I notice a beautiful  lady and she smile at me and gesture like she was looking for me and she was the Dato god daughter. Knowing that it was very common for the rich business from K.L. to have their close girl friend or mistress  . I decided to ask the hotel security guards to allow her to come in saying she my friend.She came inside the hotel lobby and after introduce my self and I take her to my room and handed over the gift to her. She refused to accept and speak to me in Mandarin and Mandarin at that time was half pass six but I know she is not the lady I am suppose to meet.
She told she was Teng Sin Gal in Mandarin and I hear wrongly thinking her surname Teng same as a famous Taiwan  singer Teng Teresa.She stay in my room for an hour eating and drinking with chocs, cockies etc from the fridge. I still din not suspect her at all.
Then she asked me to go out with her and follow thinking there good opportunity to have her for the night.
She took me to a night club and after sitting down with me and dancing for a while she excuse herself and disappear for about 15 -30 minutes. Then she come again to be with me. This happened a few times and I begin to know somethings wrong. I decided to leave and asked for the bills.
I nearly fainted with the figures in the bill all in Mandarin but sure it was more than 1500RGT after conversion.
Without sufficient money and credit card ( I only get my American Express 82) I have no choice but to called my Taiwan TOP and they came very fast to save me from this situation, as they just nearby in another night club entertain other overseas tour agents.
Later they told me the true story. That dancing girl with a few was booked since 4 pm by others from the night club as they start business from noon. Some how after dinner she refuse to offer any sex services as she wanted more. Her client refuse to pay her more and asked to leave. She was just trying to get other client hopefully from hotels when I think it was the gril I need to hand the gift. She told me She was dancing girl in English and heard it as Teng Sin Gal in Mandarin a name.

Hahaha I still get her 3 nights later when I return after touring the South. The TOP have supper with me after that I went back to my hotel. There she was came knocking at my door. My TOP also call me and told don't give her any money it was all settled. Which cat don't eat fish  after fully pay. Sure I make good use of her till morning.However she was  very sporting etc I think my TOP must be very powerful etc. After this incident I give all my business to them instead of half only.

She also become my good girl friend for a few years....till she get married to a Singaporean.
Badaling Great Wall one of the 7 wonder of the world, this a must for all tourists who visit Beijing. I never fail to re-visit Baidaling great wall the best preserve of the long long great wall and the most easy to get there. The four season will offer visitors a totally different scenic view, winter, summer, autumn, spring. You can get painted picture of the great wall in four seasons. it is nice to hang it base on the season. The joke is when a guest visited your house again and ask you why this picture changes, you can say '" yesterday it is spring and not winter " this picture changes by itself! Walk to top Tower you will receive your certificate. it is FOC but now you pay for it.

This soldiers are real !!!
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Any one who has been to Shanghai should know this house no 1843 belong to a famous women. Guess and give me the answere
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This corner of the garden where the last Emperess confined his son the last Emperor to rule China. This place most visited by local China tourists bt not the overseas Chinese tourists due to lack of knowledge on China history etc. Overall I must stress that the only way to really see Forbiden city museum and Summer Palace require a full day visit each. In the summer Palace there is also a canal shopping it was bulit by the Empress Dowager for her shoping pleasure when she stay here. You can take a boat ride to do shopping on both side. all the shops sell difeent kind things and food etc. The tour guide will never take their group there as once they see this place by just walking over the bridge to another exit gate, they will just walk down to the shopping canal.
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This palace next to the stone boat in summer palace offer another site to explore after walking across the stone bridge.

Behind me is the house boat use for cruise in the west lake of summer palace. The pagodas in far back on a hill over looking the summer palace and lake, according to my tour guide part of summer palace ground, just how big it is and tourists see so little.
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Monday, June 15, 2009

The stone boat in Summer Palace, Summer Palace. Again I would like to ask how many seem this stone boat and went inside?

This the longest corridor in the world , it is beautiful and tourists just like to walk through the whole corridor starting from the stone boat to end where the most scenic spot at the summer palace west lake located.
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This is on top of a small hill garden giving a bird eye view of the forbdien palace city. The location at the exit gate of the city where coaches, vans, taxi and private cars waitng for tourists for pick up etc.
If you join a package tours by the time you are outside and notice this hill graden it is too late for you to visit and it is FOC.
This was the place where Zhu Yuan Chang emperor hang himself on tree whenhe know that the rebel army going to over run his army defending the Palace city. A new tree is planted to replace the former tree that was gone hundred over years.
I visited by chance when I need to go outside earlier to meet a close friend and she took me there when I asked about it.
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Virgin Brew: Bangkok Smiles Card to debut in July

Virgin Brew: Bangkok Smiles Card to debut in July
The nine dragon wall inside forbiden palace city again this nine dragon wall will be miss by most tourists. The only way to see and explore every corner of the great FC is to visit on your on and not joining any package tour, this kind of tour only take for walk through and show you little. There are also many museum inside Clock, China costumes of various dynasty....

There is one replica of the nine dragon wall in Hong Kong it is near the Covention Centre in Hong kong island and not Kowloon.
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The front main entrance of the Forbiden City. This main entrance mainly use by the local tourists and overseas tourists from Malaysia and Asean nations don't have the chances to enter from this main gate. Inside there many hundred over years shady trees and many stalls selling souvenirs etc. Local Tour guide to avoid their group getting lost while walking through and at the same time buying souvenirs etc.
Next re visit to Beijing explore yourself and you will see more and enjoy your sigthseeing attractions better and appreciate your money spend.
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

This photos is the back exit of the forbiden palace where all the coaches, taxi van, cars park here to wait for the group tourist etc. However the chances of you joining a package with a 5-6 hours tours inside and exit fronm the back dooe will not be possible due to time cut short to 2-3 hrs. Your precious times will use by the tour operator to put you inside their slaughter shopping specailly arrange for tourists.
This is the side of the Forbiden Palace city with a large make man pond. it is very shady here with fruit stalls selling season fruits. The distance by walking from here to the front of the main entrance Forbiden Palace about 15 minutes.
Again I must say no many have the opportunity to enjoy walking from this place to the front main entrance.
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Infront of the YuYuan garden nine curve bridge, tourists require to buy entry tickets to cross the bridge to see the mid lake pavilion.However I sad to say package tours never allow or even let you know about this which locate in another area of Yuyuan and can reach by a diferent path. I only visited once only all other trip totally by pass. The last trip with my family in 1996 the travel agencytreated us like stupid tourists cheating our group of 75 like .... We were taken to the Town God temple shopping mart and food court for our lunch and then free activities. Only when I question why Yuyuan garden stated incldued but we are not taken, then only the tour guide took us there but just to see the outside only. If wanted too see inside buy own ticket but it was too late due to, it was already 5 pm when we return to the aseembly point. The time require to see all the pavilion inside take 3-4 hours.

Our group tour cover Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing 9 days, throught out the tour we are being short change left to right bottom to top disregard my strong protest and the tour member. After the 2 tour guide know my travel background etc they came to see personally and explain they tender for this group of 75 tourists in simple Cantonese language 'MAI CHU ZEE" tour mean Selling Piglet tour. What we missed in YuYUAN inside Grand Rockery, Dragon Wall, Hall of Jade, Huijing Tower and ninecurve bridge and mid lake pavilion. I doubt any one who had join a tour to visit Shnaghai have seem all this? let me know including your parents, relatives or friends.
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I was putting my old thinking cap on where and how to start writing my 30 years old China touring and business trips etc China is my most visited nations since early 1980 beside all Far East Asia nations.
Just when I was encountering this great problemn an old travel trade friend called up and asked me to publish more photos instead words.
Suddenly it strike my mind " A picture speak a thousand words" Travel a thousand miles better than reading 10,000 books" base Chinses saying.
There below are new format to tell my travel stories and find that it is much easier for me to do it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The length of LIjian river 83 km from Guilin city to Yangshuo town. Throughout the Lijiang river cruise there various beautiful scenery name given to each of the scenery but I must admit the one scenery name I forget. However some names, frog out of cave, nine oxen on three islets, green cliff marriage, nine dragon playing water, frog across river, immortal oushing a mill etc.
Yangshuo town during the early 1980 was the place for backpackers western tourists, they stay here for months. You find the local people speak English at restaurants, bar, cafe and food stalls etc you can get fish and chip, burger, steak etc and English menu .
By the US President Bill Clinton visit China this Yangshou town already fully develop into a tourists destinations with pedestrain street plenty of shops of all kind.
After reaching the Yangshuo harbour tourists are given some time to rest and shop around the harbour stalls selling souvenirs.
Then it is return journey to Guilin city for more sightseeing including a big cave that put in 10 747 inside ( seven star cave and Elephant trunk hill). There wasn't many shopping stop only one shop selling local traditional medicine 2 type only for Malasia water melon fross and Loh Hon Kuo. Now could be many shoping stops arrange for tourists but less sightseeing or just a few minutes to give more time for shopping so that the tour operators earn more profit from cut throat price.
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Guilin Lijiang River cruise with a beauty from Malaysia on the upper deck of the cruise boat. The lower deck is air condition during cool climate it is open. A lucnh is serve on board with prawns and fishe from catch from the river. If guests wanted to eat the special River Lijiang fish they are require to pay extra. The boarding point just opposite our new hotel in front of the Lijiang.
Guess who is the Beauty? those who keep track of beauty contect etc will be able to recognise her.
The person who give me the right answere who get a lunch from me.
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sex Trade in the Era 1970s Taiwan

7.6 TIGER LEOPORD guest house in Mandarin it mean HAR PAR Ping Kwan. 

There are 50 rooms in this guest house all the rooms are so small 8x8 with a small toilet. You can possible stay in this kind room for a night There no TV only one small single bed in the middle and the wall all  hexagon mirrors. The lady in waiting to for guests are all above 40 years and in taipei standard in the era 1970s they are consider no value for the sex trade.

However the owner a women in her 50 was formerly one of the famous insex trade business. it was her ideas to start this  guest house to help her former sex trade freinds or other to continue to earn a living instead of becomming the cheap cheap one behind red light  street waiting for customers to come at night. 

They don't provide sex here service at all. So what do they provide that draw the interest of overseas tourists to come for their services?

At this stage I will leave my readers to guess? Just let me know what it is.

I would like to end the  SEX trade as i think it is all that I encounter unless there some some more that I  have forgotten. However I will consider later on  should I write about my personal encounter with women from all walk of life during for the past 30 years.

Since China Bejing ties was the most talk subject in the country. I will next write my China trip from 1980-1990 for next publish.

Sex Trade in the Era 1970s Taiwan

7.3 There was a night food streets in Taipei city where tourists and local like to go for all type of Taiwan foods. Somewhere near the nigh food street within walking distance there was a place call WAH SI ( translate from Mandarin)street. It was behind shops in a street. Before my guide took me there he warn me not to behave in anyway like a tourist or bring along my camera. The best don't open my mouth as I could reveal my foreign identity.
There rows and row of wooden small houses with door open and window, narrow alleys. In front of each house there women standing in front inviting people to walk inside. some of the women are so young around 15 -20 years old only. They are like school girls and very good looking as well.
I was so shock to see this right inside Taipei it was totally different from the barber shops, night clubs or call ladies that come knocking at your hotel room door after 10 pm. The floor attendant at hotel  will ask you when you return back to your room at night whether you wanted any women.If they missed you they will later call up to ask you need any water etc and then ask if need a partner for the night. If you say YES he will show some photos to choose and explain who is the ladies.
After this tour at Wah Si street my guide told me this place control by the Green Bamboo gang and the police dare went in at night.  The government warn all tour guide not to bring any tourists over there for safety reasons or it is shameful the government do want the tourists visit. However I am not sure whether it is still there most likely no more because Taiwan become one of the Asia economic tigers beside Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand,, India and by the 1990 Taiwanese permitted to travel over seas freely without any restriction at all.
However I was equally shock to see the worse sex trade in Cambodia during early 1990 visit. I come to this when I write about my trips to Cambodia.

7.4 Love Hotel Taipei I was invited to inspect a few love hotels through the tour guide in one of visit. The owner of the Love hotel give me dinner and them invited me to visit his Love Hotel. it was a stand alone 5 storeys building. There are at least 6 type of room, standard to Suite room all come with a name like Romeo, Juliet, Cleoparta , Emperor etc. the rate for rental base on per hour and it is fully furnish with TV showing 5 star rated SSS film for selction etc, The frid well stock with drinks and snack also.
All the rooms walls are mirror arrange in diferent angles. You can see yourself and partner making love etc from the reflection of the mirrors. the mirrors was place in such maner that one can see from different angles at once glance.The feeling is like seeing own self make live sex show.
The owner told all his customers are local business men and they bring ladies from bar, night club, barber shops and mistress etc. However he wanted to have tourists to come as he sgtrongly beleive the Malaysia tourists will like it and they are well known for coming to Taiwan for women.
As a tour manager it is a must to fulfill the need s of customers especially if you wanted their business. it was always a challenge to get new things for them if they enjoy they next come again and bring mre friends along etc using your travel agency.

Naked Dinner party- For those who willing to pay there is this naked sex party cum dinner that could arrange. It is like any othe rordinary deluxe restaurants serving expesive dishes etc.
However for those who wanted some thign very special to entertain their business partners etc it could arrange for a price.
First select the menu and fix the date and time to come and how many person. The best number will 5-10 persons, if the group size bigger there will two tables using a bigger suite room.
After all being seated the restaurant will dim the ligh and get the waitress to serve the 10-12 courses dinner. The women estimate at least 20 will then come into the room all naked wear nothing at all. The group will then select the one they like some even select extra women. They will sit beside the guests and then the food will serve oneat a time. 
It is like a sex party going on the men are all veteran and after a few round of ldrinking beer and the famous Taiwan liguor ( Ma Tai) become wild like animal. 
They do all sort of things to the women etc and some even have sex on spot there and then challanging each other to do it.
Unfortunately I don't have high hidden digital camera like now otherwise how nice it is to put on the youtube etc.  

Throughout my carrer as tour manager escorting only special incentive tours to the Far East (Taiwan, Thailand, Manila, Seoul, China, Vietnam, Cambodia) I found it to become more and more sick about seeing these type of sex trade and being a part to it as it was my duty.
The most demanding are those from the electrical appliances dealers they are normally being entertain from top to bottom including paying for the fees of sex etc. staying at 4-5 stars hotel, good expensive dishes , duty free XO and very demanding.
However I must admit with the co-operation from the tour guide I am able to fulfill their needs as such they bring will more business to me. In addition I am alway ahead of my competitors when it come getting new exciting places for it.

7.5 The Pei Tou hot spring spa and bath was another favorite places for the electrical appliances dealers beside season visitors who goes to Taiwan for business.Here it is the same women women for sex.

However I am never interested in it even when I am given free women, I prefer to take cash as my commisison to take care of my family well.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Malaysia China 35 years Ties 1974-2009

My apply my first  Malaysia International Passport on 26th Nov 1974 while working as an Immigration Officer was it is so easy for to get one without the need to Q up like the public. The Immigration Office HQ was at Jalan TuGu, Kuala Lumpur using an old colonial building. There was no air condition and only ceiling fans and there was no Qup system like the modern immigration office now.Daily there are hundred of people waiting even before the door open. it take about one month before you can get your passport.  
Secondly I like so many other Malaysian Chinese with ancestor coming from China was happy about Malaysia established diplomatic relationship with China. In fact the first South East Asia nations to do so. It was the hope of older Chinese generation with the ties with China they can now visit their ancestor village before they die.
My father from Guangzhou and my father in law from Wing Jun Fujian state was eager to know when they could return for a visit after over 40 years.However I was sad that they can't visit yet because all Malaysia International passport are not permitted to travel to China beside 10 other nations listed. I hope of accompany my fahter and father inlaw on 2 separate trip to China was like a dream for 13 years till 1987.
My father and father in law never have the chance to retrun to their village due by the time partial restriction was lifted for Chinese to visit China they already too weak to do so.
Therefore they passed away a 1-3 years later.

Now I realize after 35 years of ties first by former premier Tun Abdul Razak in 1974 and now his son our current Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in 2009 to strengthen what his father have done 35 years ago. To me this 1974 is an important year to me as I still have my first passport issue to me so are all my other previous 5 old passports.
It is with the various overseas immigration stamping on pages of the passport and from old photos that I am able to write my 35 years travel stories in my blog.  

I decided to detour writing about Taiwan now but to write about my first trip to China since it is our Prime Minsiter re visit to bring a closer ties to China for tradeand others.

Looking back I think we missed so much opportunity to further establish closer working relations in trading, tourism and to seek opportunity to rush to China in the early 1980. Even after 1974 Malaysian are not permitted to visit China, as passport issued was not valid for travel to China besides 10 other nations. ( prefer to my first passport 1974-1979 validity page as shown earlier.

However Malaysian can still apply directly from home Ministry to visit China for medical treatment and for trading. those who return to China for good and the senior citizen can also apply for permission. Working as an immigration officer in the early 70 I come across senior citizen returning from China. Our immigration booth have a section inside for special branch officer to screen all local and foreigners passport. At the firs counter open section an immigration officer will collect the passport and check everything including embarkation card etc and then pass to second section cover up and then pass it to the end open counter fro immigration to stamp the passport for entry. The special branch will only come out to tell the person concern to go for an interview at their office. Sometime after all passengers clear if the special branch need translation in mandarin or other Chinese language like Cantonese and Hakka they will ask me for help.  
As such I know what China living standard those era of 1970 to 1986 ( My first immpression on China during first trip in 1986). they also told me some what happended when they return to their ancestor village.
I will re tell their ecounter after I finish writing about my first trip to China in 1986 during next publish by end of this week.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Passport Nov 1974-79 validity not permitted to travel to China inspite of extablsihing diplomatic relationship. it was the same restriction for my next passort Oct 78-83 and 3rd passport 81-86. Malaysia just missed the great oportunities but it is not too late now with PM 35 years re visitng China.
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China Malaysia 35 years Friendship 1974-2009

Our New Prime Minister started his 4 days visit to China from 2/5/09 onwards to renew Malaysia and China Friendship that started 35 years by then Prime Minister his father.
I always remember this year as it was the talk of town and every Chinese in Malaysia especially the older people was eager to visit China to see their ancestor land.
I took the opportunity to apply my first passport as an immgration officer working at the Subang International Airport since 1966. It is a year that I wish one day I could visit China as i heard so many stories of Guangzhou from my father and also from my father in law who was a retire teacher. He was a graduater from Shanghai University who came to the then Malayan to seek fortune with a few others. he come from Jujian State from a place Wing Chun. However his dream of retruning to visit his brother and sister never come.
Even after the diplomatic relationship was establish somehow there was still the restriction for Malaysia citizen to visit China as tourists or vist their relatives etc.
After China economic reform started from 1980 onwards the restriction was there it was so difficult for any common Malaysia Chinese wanted to visit China for business, social etc.

If Malaysia had taken the full advantages since 1974 onwards Malaysia could have achieve economic power in Asean nations overcoming the economic downturn in 1984 and 1997. However it was not the fault of the 2nd PM who have the courage to become the 1st Asia nation to establish diplomatic relationship with China. He didn't have the time he wanted to do more as he passed a few years later before he do much more for Malaysia and China.

It should not be too late for Malaysia in 1980 onward when China started it economic reform. Sad to say we missed the ship again. If Malaysia seek the opportunity like going to Vietnam when Vietnam started it economic reform in 1998/1999 then Malaysia with China trading etc if start from 1980 without delay would have reach  a very high successful level then it is now. 

I expereince this Vietnam ecnomic reform when as a small travel agency I went to seek opportunity in Vietnam in 1990. I could see plenty of opportunity awaiting for the overseas investors. Arming with little capital I still manage to get the overseas joint venture travel license by getting parternership joint venture with the National Oil Service company of Vietnam. This was my best ever achievement in my travel business. the joint venture sign ceremony was witness by our then PM at the Saigon Floating Hotel during his first offcial visit to Vietnam 22nd, April 1992. I never forget this day where I had to work for weeks for the preparation etc. After the signing ceremony I just could eat or drink went straight to my room and sleep till next monring.
Just imagine if Malaysian businessmen are encourage and permitted to travel to China to seek business opportunities like to Vietnam in 1990. I am sure trade relationship with China could havae been much bigger after 35 years instead of what it is now!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sex Trade in the Era 1970s

7. Sex trade of Taipei in the era years of 1970.

It was only my 5th trips to Taiwan in 1979 that I was recognize by the local tour operators that I was a  contributor for bringing them the business. For an estimate of 80 tour members in one big group. See photos taken at President Office Building this was an important stop for photos beside the Chang Kai Shek memorial Hall.
I was taken to  various entertainment outlets which was not only interesting, shocking but sometimes feel sad  and pity those young girls who was in the sex trade.
7.1 My first encounter was to ngihtclub for drinks and dancing then the local TOP boss asked me whether I like any of the ladies st our table. I replied was Ok as the one siitng by my side was good manner and good looking etc. We then went for super at a famous restaurant call ( Green leave) translate from Mandarin) here this restaurant have a few popular dishes one of the best small abalone with 6 small holes on the shell. After super I was taken back to hotel and lady went right into my room and stay for the night. I was told not to give any money etc as all being fully taken care of. The next day when asked how was the service I tell the truth it was not the same of in nightclub. She was too commercial and just treat as another business rush off without staying till monring anyway  I was not interested at all. However the local TOP Boss say he will take this matter up with the lady boss. I say no need why bother for all this.
7.2 The Barber Shops Street in Taipei.
There was a popular famous barber shop street in Taipei where all the shops are at least 80% barber shops big and small. There are few that are call palace becuase it was built like those landlord big mansion in China.
Inside these barber palace there are an estimate of 100 over Bartber message ladies wearing ancient Chinese Ming Dynasty dresses. All the barber chair are special make that could be open up like a bed. Here on this barber chair the Barber lady you select will message you for 1-3 hours depend on your require. Drinks and snack will be serve base on order from guest. Beside this barber ladies there are the real barber doing hair cut, washing etc for guests if they wanted it first and then enjoy for face treatment, massage etc by a lady. After all these guests could just relax and enjoy the barber lady message etc with hanky panky plus extra service if guest willing to pay for it. There men who spend up to 3 hours and more per day in such barber shop. There are smaller barber shop providing such services in other strreets of Taipei there normally small with less than 10 ladies. However some seasonal Malaysian men like to go for smaller barber not located in the barber street.They tell me the reason why and also took me there once.
This veteran business men to Taiwan will visit a few barber shops firs to see any nice beatiful barber ladies. Once they selected the barber shop they went in and tell the lady boss that I wanted to charter the whole shop for the afternoon and asked for a price. once agreed the shop will close it door and entertain only thses group of business men ( 3-5 persons) for the whole afternoon about 3-5 hours. They claimed such shop not too commercial as the big one and the barber ladies are friendly and providing very good message etc. Drinksd. snack and foods will order from outside for the everyone and it was like mimi party in the shop.
After the party end they will tip the barber ladies well to impress that they rich rich men from Malaysia.
According to them 90% percent the barber lady will have super with them after work at finish at 10 pm and then follow back to their hotel room. They feel more enjoyable as they are not paying money for it and the lady never ask for money etc. The women just hope to get a big fish to marry due the Taiwan was so poor in those day. However I pity them becuase in the end they ended up hook by the big white shark and providng sex for nothing for the next few days.
When having enough they move to another barber shop and for the next trip to TPE they contact some previous one by telling they didn't come for months etc. However they aways bring some gifts for them if they will to meet again, otherwise visit other barber shops totry their luck.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I manage to get this two photos after searching for days. It was taken during my first trip to Seoul in 1975. One photos taken in front of the museum located at the palace ground. Actually there are 2 museum the other one was the Korea Folk museum where visitors could see pictures, painting of ancient Korea plus all equipment used by folk for agricutural and cocking etc during anceint time. There are nice beautiful small model of Korea people in national dress, houses, villages etc. A few years later the Korean Folk Village was built this is the best theme park I ever seem with Korea living and working in the folk village giving live demonstration daily to tourists.
The second photos was taken at the Ginseng party dancing with a ginseng lady. No camera permitted inside the room and photos taken by a instant camera by the ginseng house photographer.
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