Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mongolia BBQ China town Washington

Wanted a hot spicy lunch so decided to try out this famous mongolia BBQ at a popular Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, Washington D C.

there are  more than 10 type vege n noodles for selection

there are lamb, pork, chicken, beef and 2 noodles..


customers can select all 9 kind of sauces n oil depending on what taste they wanted and hand over their plate of selection to the chef who will BBQ on the big round table hot iron plate.

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Mongolia BBQ

Decided to try out the spicy Mongolia BBQ at a restaurant in Washing D.C Chinatown, There 3-4 chef at work using the big round hot plate to fry the vege n meats, noodle etc as selected by customers..

There more than 10 type of vegetables and 2-3 type of noodles for customers pick and put into the plate before handling over to the chef..


There nine type of sauce n oil for customers to choose base on what they like, I selected all nine type with ore garlic, hot oil n giner..

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Grand Sichuan St Marks.

After many days western meals, decided to go for hot n spicy Sichuan lunch take us to St Marks disrict where this top award winning restaurant located.

My first choice for this award winner Sichuan spicy lam using wild mountain goat meats, the hot Sichaun pepper was moderately use, as most of the people outside Sichuan stand the hot burning of the tongue, lip n mouth, to me Ok as I been to Sichuan a few times and it is my favourite of all the 8 type of Chinese cooking.


The 2nd dish Hunan spicy fish, the spices use totally different from the spicy lamb, this beautiful not like some restaurant where every dishes aste the some even thou the main ingredient chciken or pork or lamb are different.


with spicy dishes our 3rd dish is simple pumpkin, suprise this dish enable to kill off the hot spicy taste that attack our mouth...

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Champagne Grapes

Organic Champagne grapes the size small like usd one cents coin, I didn't like to eat grapes but it is Annie favourite fruits, after trying 2 small grape, I finally eat 3/4 of the champagne grape about 300 grams. Nice refreshing sweet taste like drinking champagne its also contain certain amount of acohol, could champagne being make by using this grapes???? 

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Manhattan short man street hawker

There a few hundred such street stalls in Manhattan but he is the shortest one, only 3 ft tall.

He need to stand on 2 plastic boxs place on top each other to enable him to serve his customers.


He may the shortest but hehis bbq meat sticks are the biggest here.

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Manhattan Bicycle Park

This is how a city hall encourage cycling, bicycle park can be easily located for the those who cycle to work or for leisure etc.

Kuala Lumpur there is no palce for even a bicycle tp park , but K.L mayor asking people to cycle to work to reduce traffcie jam n polutions...

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

New York Street Ramen

I went to a popular Thai restaurant near our hotel for dinner, but it was full and cannot take in any more customer so need to walk in search of another restaurant.

I was attracted by this poster pasted outside a small Japanese ramen restaurant, they are only 10 seats in a U shape counter.

decided to try out this winning New York street ramen but when the bowl of ramen place in front of me, I know just too big for me to finish.

too late annie n kelly already order their smaller ramen, actually 2 can share one such big bowl.

hahaha my 4 new frens from Hong kong not only can finish but also drink all the soup in fact totally wipe out clean.

Never mind for all our other meals we always order 2 for 3 to share if not enough then order a smaller set...

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WoodBury Common Premium Outlets Food Court

The food court only Italian restaurant was our choice for lunch, the dishes are truly Italian cooking with Italy igredients by chef.


for those who want a simple meals there are about 30 food outlets offering a vast varieties of good choices.

for less than USD10 can have hearty meals here..



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