Friday, December 31, 2010

China Treasures

A few award given to China Treasures restaurant but it is not up to my standard however pricey a pot of chrysanthamun tea fro 4 person cost over rm30 for this amount I can by the best 200 gms for around rm25 at tea shop.

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Xmas dinner 2010

Crispy aromatic duck similar to Beijing duck wrap in popia skin the only different Beijing duck skin wrap and meat fried with vege. For this crispy duck a famous popular Shanghai meat and skin all wrap and roll up loke spring roll.
A few restaurant in K.L. sell this dish as it require to be marinated at least 24 hrs ahead restaurant sering this dish require customer to book in advance at least 2 dyas ahead but this China treasure no need can even order half.
However the taste is not as good as Shanghai restaurants the meat just to dry and tough.
Garoupa fried with lily bulbs and macadamia nuts, the garoupa not a fresh lah.
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Xmas dinner 2010

Beijing Duck wrap in po pia skin and meng jun like to dip into the sauce this is his favourite as well.
Beijing duck after the crispy skina the meat fried with vege one dish become two dish.
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XMAS Dinner 2010

Xmas dinner at the China Treasure restaurant sweet and sour chicken with pineapple as it is Hahal restaurant No pork the boys just love this dish whether it is chicken or pork.
Fried prawns with Macadamia nuts and pineapple this dish is my favourite.
Boys after a good Xmas dinner just fooling and playing around the table.
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hennessy Napoleon Cognac

Hennessy Napoleon Cognac limited production after 30 yrs could be very rare maybe only bottle left in this world, the color deep red like red wine by now.
I hope there is a collector interested in this very special bottle.
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Hennessy Counac

There are 6 bottles of this Hennessy Counac which were part of the wedding gifts from the bridegroom side, 4 bottles was use during the wedding cermony and dinner. One bottle was open to celebrate duirng Chinese New Year a year later. By now it is about 11 yrs taste like XO it is best to drink on the rock.
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Old Parr Scothch Whisky

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OLD PARR Scotch Whisky

A good friend Liew S K treated my whole family for a Xmas dinner at a Swiss restaurant at hotel K.L. I can't remmember which Xmas day 1985-1989 the dinner come with this bottle of Old Parr.
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BELL'S Whisky

My favourite is still the red or black label whisky however I ended buying this Bell's whisky just becuase it is a ceremic bottle the ceremic bottle lok so nute like a bell.
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Tia Maria

One of my business associate favourite drink and he ask me to buy one bottle when I met him at the Subang Airport duty free shop however I didn't open this bottle at all and never try to drink Tia Maria just do not know how is the taste?
Can remember how this 2 bottles of wine was with me! maybe it is gift from a friend.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Meng Kit Happy Birthday

Meng Kit and ang pow received on his birthday recently..
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Leather wine bottle

This leather wine bottle was given to me by a leather shop in Italy Florence due to my group of Malaysian tourists 130 over nearly bought empty the shop of leather goods. The commission given to me was the best ever of the Europe trips.
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Saturday, December 25, 2010


This bottle of red Martell purchase at a charity event organize by the P J Business Traders in 1980 come with a casing and 1 ceremic horses at price of rm250.
This bottle of xo OTARD after more than 30 over yrs all xo inside disapear in the air no wonder the cabinet smell aromatic of liqour.
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Thursday, December 23, 2010


This bottle 2 litre 12 Chivas Regal was given by tour member duirng a 5 day Xmas holidays in Perth 23-27 in the 1982. It is limited edition I am going to share it during one Xmas if there are sufficient or enough number of wishy drinkers friends willing to come....mostly likely not as already touch with all my drining kaki after so many years...
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