Monday, February 14, 2011

My windmill

I want my windmill to go round and round none stop.
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Lou Sang Yee Sang

My niece with mother and her bf come visitng on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year so homemade sea cucumber yee sang for lou sang together.

I brew pu er tea for them to drink after the yee sang, sure they enjoy and drink many cups.
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Friday, February 11, 2011

2nd day Lunar new year

Three dishes was serve on the 2nd day of lunar new year when children and family coming home for lunch, Mimi requested this dishes instead of the same tradinironal dishes like the runion dinner.
Hakka Cha York with black fungus and my mother special 6 kind of herbs and spices, steaming hot from the stainless pot, this dish equally goes well with the wax meats steam rice.
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Hakka Cha York

Our traditional Hakka Cha York just together with udon prawn just make the udon very very very delicious, if fact everyone claim it is the best lunch instead of the normal , chicken, bbq pork, fish and fried prawans etc duirng lunar new year as it is just too heavy with all the meats.
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Udon prawns

As requested by Mimi udon prawns was serve beside the wax meats steam rice on the 2nd day of lunar new year when children come home for lunch.

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Wax meats steam rice

Wax meats ( lap mee fun) consist of 5 type of wax meats with mushrooms is a popular lunar new year dish it is very popular in hong kong and Guangzhou during the lunar new year practically all restaurants serve this delicious aromatic steam and at home.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yee sang

Boys sure enjoy eating yee sang where youngest grandson and granddaughter still does know how to enjoy yee sang maybe next lunar new year.

Yee Sang are sweet due to the sauce there is no better drinks than a cup of Pu Er tea after yee sang before the 2nd day lunar family lunch.
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Tossing yee Sang

The whole family tossing the yee sang together and each and everyone try to toss as high as possible and at the same saying loudly what are their wishes for the Golden rabbit year.

My 2 elder grandsons sure enjoy tossing the yee sang beside eating, with the red dragon fruits as an ingredients after thorough tossing the whole plate of yee sang turning into bright red color.
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Yee Sang

Homemade Yee Sang for Lunar New Year started in 1998 when one of my Woodball club member intoduce to us his homemade Yee Sang. after tasting everyone decided to order from him. The beauti about his yee sang was it is only rm$25 and home delivery to your house during Chinese New Year from new eve right to 15th day Chap Goh Mei at the time you wanted.
That year I order for new year eve, 2nd day, 7th day Yan Yat and 15th day Chap Goh Mei. Annie and Charmaine decided to do research and as the yee sang was deliver with all the ingredients in various packing, therefore it is easy to know what it is and how it could be made.
The following year 1999 was the year our family practically have homemade yee sang daily till Chap Goh Mei including our guests who visited us. All put their thump up.
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Soft vs Chinese Tea

Grand children prefer PoP drink than my Chinese Tea during Chinese new Year.
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