Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chilly Pan Mee P.J.

Looking at the signboard already make me laugh ( BATU ROAD) but it is located at SS2/10 P.J when reading the Mandarin it mean this the 4th outlets!!! by now they already 6 outlets beside the HQ.

Arriving at 1300 hrs may not be good if the restaurant if popular not a single seat empty but my good fren David, Chris and Siew Lim already occupy one table otherwise need to wait outside 5 feets walk way..

The reason for so popular mainly to good taste anmd most important affordable prcie RM5.50 for a small bowl in which more than enough for small eater like me. Chilly or Curry pan mee just a local hawkers, however in shopping mall the price maybe Rm10.90 etc..
Overall I don't mine coming again to try the watan and dumpling etc...

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Curry Pan Mee

All my four frens order the chilly pan mee, therefore I decided to order a bowl of curry pan mee just to eat and taste the different between Chilly n Curry. I must admit i did the right choice to select Curry pan mee instead of the ever popular chilly pan mee.

Curry was good and ingredients include taufu pop, meat balls , fish balls and fuchu bean curd n long bean, curry leave..

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Chilly Pan Mee

Chilly Pan Mee famous dish chop meat, fried ikan billis, half boil egg and just add the amount the hot chilly paste you wanted into the bolw and mix it all up.

It is vey hot chilly paste so be careful don't add or elese you going to drink a few cup of ice soft drinks etc.

A bowl of vege soup included this soup may soften the hot chilly that burning your mouth..

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Chilli Pan Mee

Beside the main popular chilli pan mee there are other dishes however we did not order as our main target to go for the chilli pan mee.

However do notice from other tables in group of 5 and above ordering such dishes which mean it is also tasty.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chao Sang Bak kut teh P.J.

on the 17th july i decided to re revisit this old establish chao sang bkt where it was my most favourite bkt from early 1980-late 1980, due to bringing my group of puerh tea drinkers for tea tasting at T nature tea House lcaoted on the same road SS2/10, P.J.

However it turn out to be a great disappointment, 5 of us only order one clay pot for 3 persons, however we are save by our own puerh tea and cusp that i bring to brew whenever we are out for lunch etc.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

$30 thousand Koi

Any of this big Koi price at RM$ 30 thousand at the Koi park Sentul Kuala Lumpur, one of the koi belong to one former PM ...

This are the smaller koi but still is not cheap at all, I can only afford the local brew koi...

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sentul Pasrk Koi Centre

My great fren laughing after visiting the Koi centre WHY! oh one big Koi worth RM30 k inside his bag....

Why not we all go the restaurant to have a steam koi....

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Monday, July 11, 2011

SungFoong tea house foods

SungFoong tea house restaurant decoration with all the antique furnishing and display of tea products and most important the friendly staffs and Boss mr chia chui hoong who is very generous even went inside the kitchen to cook all the meals for our party.

Best part was he slect his tea house famous xtra old liu bao cha and sit with us to brew, there is nothing that can go better with all those tasty vege healthy foods other than such aromatic refreshing liu bao cha.

Out tea drinking group truly have a enjoyable lunch than again to have more tea tasting at the tea house at lower floor, this will posted in starting by next week when i completed my posting on the recent Tea culture Expo.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

SungFoong tea house Tea

Money can't buy such personlise servcies from restaurant, Mr Chia Chui Hoong beside cooking all the dishes for our group also personally
select his tea house top grade 20 over yrs liu bao cha and brew for us to enjoy.

Old tea lose tea leaves of the liu bao cha broth of the liu bao cha redish color its taste so good with lingering aroma for a long time in your mouth make a person so refreshing again after a heavy meals.

Hahaha the bowl of soup noodle( top right hand corner of the pizza) just disappear within minutes before i even had the chance to snap a picture.

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SungFoong tea house foods

3rd dish 2 plates of fried beet root juice rice with oilve oil this fried not oily at all and taste so good, the bolw of mix nuts almond, macadamia, pecan, walnuts etc complicmentary from siew lim of the mix nuts very delicious best go with tea drinking as well.

4th dish another 2 plates of fried rice using olive oil and it is equally good in fact 4 plates not even one drop of rice left on the plate.
5th dish spahgetti with 5 vege 5 color fried with oilve oil and herbs this again was my most like dish.
The most beautiful part of this lunch was teh clay pot of old 22 over yrs liu bao cha brew right in front of us.

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SungFoong Tea house foods

2nd dish vege, mushroom pizza this very popular not a single piece left..

Siew Lim even order order one to take home for her father.

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