Monday, May 30, 2011

Fraser's Hill hawker foods

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Fraser's Hill hawkers foods

All in there are at least 30 over stalls selling various type of our Malaysian favourite hawkers foods this is so far better than my last visit about 12 yrs ago.

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Fraser's Hill Food Court

There is a food court at the playground just abour 10 minutes walking distance from the market square tower clock, couldn't believe my eye when i saw this poster about healthy foods available at a food court stall.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fraser's Hill police n clinic

My 3 nights holidays nearly spoilt after the breadfast on the second day morning, I discover one very important pill that I need to take after meal was lost. Most likely lost yesterday during lunch at Tg Malim town, all family members doesn't look happy any more especially Annie.Base on advise by bungalow care taker decided to try the clinic whetehr it is open on Sunday otheriwsie may require to go to kuala Kubu or Raub town hospital to get it.

I went inside ince little police station 1919 there was one police man n police women on duty, they were very freindly n helpful call by telephone the medical officer, who was woke from his sleep.

As instructed I waited outside the entrance door half an hour layer he turn up to open the door and after checking his stock, I am lucky it was available and he give me mre than I require for the next 3 days. Well the whole family smile again sure we were going to have a good time here with the grandchildren.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lady Maxwell bungalow resort

Kuantan resort bungalow on top of the hill slope over looking the road below.

Jerantut bungalow resort for rental just call the number if interested.

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Lady Maxwell road bungalow resort

There are only a few lcoated in Lady Maxwell road due to it is one way road, located at the top end of the road the highest level is the Lodge.

This is the Muar house.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

BISHOP TRAIL Fraser's Hill

The Bishop trail one of the most popular and best bird watcher favavouirte trail...

The exit of the the Bishop trail doesn't look good at all but the front entrance of the trail which is opposite on side of the valley was well keep etc with steps etc, however most people started from the entrance n exit from here..

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Lady Maxwell Road

From here we can see the new one way down Fraser's Hill road previously it is up n down the same road from Gap as such one hour up and one hour down, this new one way only 9 km according to caretaker it is nearer to visit Raub town than kuala kubu town.

Color leaves n wild flowers...

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Lady Maxwell Road

Day two breadfast our morning walk at Lady Maxwell Road where Whittington bungalow was located, children from the city interested in insect etc ...

It is a small snail and boy like to keep it..

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Whittington breadfast day two

Day two morning breadfast ordder western chicken sasages, 2 fly over well done eggs plus the normal toasted bread, butter, jam cooffee n milo.

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Whittington dinner

Our day one dinner a choice of fish n potatoes wedges or chicken chop there salad n a very special sauce that is very good so is the salad sace all make by the caretaker n chief cook.

Jelly n lychee as desert this is common, previously I remember the old cook make some English desert but sad to say the old cook didn't pass down the receipe or teach the current cook his assistant on the know how..maybe he wanted to open his own restaurant..

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