Thursday, February 25, 2010

RM888 CNY lunch

Eddy hosted a grand $888 Chinese year lunch at Mandarin Palace on the 21th Feb the 8th day of CNY Federal Hotel, Mandarin Palace restaurant was decorated all in red maybe just too red.
1st dish being serve the Yee Sang and waiter adding all the crispu indegredients and than add in the raw slamon cut in thin slices before adding the sauces etc for customers to mix and LOH SANG.

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1st dish Yee Sang

1st dish Yee Sang with Salmon was alway the first dish to be serve duirng Chinese new year in alll restaurants, Yee Sang only popular in Malaysia and Singapore but is not so in Hong Kong and China.
Pouring all the plum suace.
Everyone stand up to to start the mixing and shouted LOH Sang loudly and say whatever wishes you wanted to come for the year, grandchildren join in and happy to toss the yee sang around adult will toss it high for moving up higher and higher.
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2nd dish CNY lunch

2nd dish Braised Shark's fin with crab roe was the 2nd dish to be serve after Yee Sang it is best to eat with vinegar mabe we should stop eating shark fish soup but no choice as restaurant set menu include this dish and Chinese culture with this shark soup it willl consider the menu normal standard.
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3th & 4th dish CNY lunch

3th dish Roasted Sucking Piglet if the piglet pointed at you than luck will come to you Golden tiger year, sucking piglet have only little meat and it is the roasted crispy skin that you will enjoy.

4th dish Tiger Prwan Cooked in coconut milk the dish will be much if use prwn from under the sea instead of tiger prwn coing from the farm.
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5th & 6th dish CNY lunch

5th dish is Steamed Tiger Garoupa coming from the deep sea, the flesh good and Charmaine favourite the garoupa fish head, sure she know how to eat the best part of fish.
6th dish Braised dreid Scallop & dreid oyster with brown sauce with mushrooms scallop on top fo long gourd I like the mushroom as it absord all the taste and goodness brown saucequite mild & ligh and not too tick.
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7th-9th Dish CNY lunch

Fried Glutinous Rice with Wax Meat the 7th dish for the Chinese New year lunch, not so oily as compare to those in Hong Kong & Guangzhou where there are at least 5 types wax meats sauges liver, meat and wax duck steam in clay pot.
8th dish Sweetedend Red Bean Pastewith glutinous dumpling ball, it is sweet as such I can't take as I need to keep my blood sugar low and under control.
The 9th dish normally come with 2 varieties of sweet desert again desert is not of my menu but base on advise on Charmaine since not that sweet I did take a smaller piece of the 3 layer desert cake.
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3 sisters

I am sure they are enjoying yee sang..
I will take my time on this second round..
Boys prefer to stand on the chair to see all the elders LOH SANG.
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All family members gather around the table with chop sticks started to mix all the yee sang shouted wishing every one....
chop sticks like fighting each other tossing the yeesang high in the air..
Where is the abalone?
Here one peice abalone foryou dear.
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Annie and Charmaine started to learn how to make our own yee sang for Chinese New Year in 1999 after I order 3 times from a friend deliver to my house. Our family since then have a good time LOH SANG atthe comfort of home instead of going to buy from restaurant.
One month before CNY all the crispy indredients atleast 3 varieties make from using natural vege juice mix with flour are use , no artificial coloring added or any msg use. 2 fruits, 4 vege are freshly prepare on the day of celebration.
Norway salmon cut into thin slices added with apple venigar are added follow by roasted grounded peanuts, sesame seeds.
Finally plum juice are pour over the plate and ready for our great LOH SANG.
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ultra man fight

Meng Kit ultra man fight with Zhi Yoong ultra man
I am the winner
Kai shek busy reading Chinese new paper to improve his Mandarin
We are lovely & happy together.
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Friday, February 19, 2010

5 little Zorro

After 6 months of tough training we the 5 little Zorro are ready to protect all the children at our Kidgarden Smart Reader.
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Zorro Zhi yoong

When I grow up I want to be Zorro to catch snatch thief...
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