Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Homemade Yee Sang

Home made yee sang by Caren, instead of using raw salmon, 2 abalone was use. 

This Yee Sang being most popular dish during Chinese New Year in Malaysia and Singapore, most restaurant will include this yee sang in their CNY menu 2 weeks before till 15th day of CNY ( Chap Goh Mei).

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Monday, February 11, 2013

CNY family lao sang

Whole family getting ready for the lao sang...

zhiyoong n sister enjoy tossing the yee sang high...

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Yee Sang CNY

The most eaten dishes is this yee sang duringChinese Yee Sang, Yee mean fish and sang mean raw, it is raw fish, people believe eating this yee sang will bring luck, prosperity, however now there are so many different type beside using raw salmon, including fruits and vegetarian etc..

Annie with the advise and great assistant from Kelly decided to start making home yee sang for Chinese New year reunion dinner and 2nd day of Chinese New year clebration and 7th day Yan Yat day.


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Chinese New Year Prayer Offering

On the eve of lunar New Year's day prayer offering to Heaven Gods, the time to pray different from year to year, this Snake year the best time 9-10 am, there should be 6 or 9 dishes offer for prayer on the table. In villages it is mostly 9 dishes, my mother use 9 dishes, but now since married daughter  & son  having their own family, for the last few years I prefer to use 6 dishes in order not to waste foods. 

BBQ pork ribs,boil whole chicken, pomelo, Mnadarin oranges, spring onion, lewttuce,vegetarian not included whole fish, vinega pork knuckle and fatt ko ( cake),
However a must 3 cups of tea ( ti guan yin) and rice wine 5 cups.


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Reunion Steam Boat Dinner

Instead of the normal Chicken, BBQ pork, pork knuckle, wax meats etc where it is meats, meats, meats, decided for a change this Water Snake Year to go for steam boat where planty of water needed to boil the soup...

Grand children love to eat this crispy scallop and crab sticks...


Grand children prfer to sit around to gether to enjoy their bowl of udon with all the yon tau foo, fish balls, fish cakes etc..

Her favourite is this udon, she finish the whole bowl, this snake year she grow smarter and taller....

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