Monday, March 21, 2011

Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum

This a new branch outlet located at old town Petaling Jaya, jalan Pasar or jalan 21. I have seem their crowed outlet during weekend in Puchong and Kuchai Lama, when my son in law come across this new oultet decided to give treat on sunday.
Overall the dim sum consider OK for local standard as long as you don't expect it to be like some fine dim sum restaurant in Hong kong.
I do not find a special type of dim sum like those in Hong kong and Guangzhou dim sum restaurants, maybe the owner should throw away the 2 words Hong Kong.
The hot water cabinet that enable customers to add in extra refill their pot of Chinese tea to me was the best for custoemr who bring their own Chinese tea and clay tea pot. However the restaurant only use cermic tea pot a big one there can't brew to get the best out of even the best grade tea.I was not aware of this hot water cabinet but asual I alway bring along my good tea as I am aware restaurant here never serve good grade tea. If there is any reasons for me to come again it is not the dim sum better than other restaurants but for old time shake here I can chit chat with some childhood friends.
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Loh Mai Kai

Glutinous fried ,steam rice ( loh mai kai) being the most oily dim sum, any person who eat one whole plate will find his stomach can't take any more other type of dim sum. Only thick strong brew of Ti Guan Yin or XO Pu Er may help to wash away the oils.
Hong Chee Cheon Fun require to eat quickly when it is still warm can get cold easy and quickly due to thin layer of flour and some ingredients char siew or prawn.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chinamen Burger

Chinamen burger is actually steam dim sum tai bao, remind me of the childhood days where my mother where buy for me and my brother as breadfast. The tai bao taste much better when you eat by holding with 2 hands the whole bao and slowly bite into soft n juicy tai bao, just one more than enough. I give 7 out of 10 for this tai bao due to the ingredients use are lean meat, turnip however there is no pieces of chicket meat maybe the chic meat all mix together with pork, so make it easy to bite as no chicken bones, feel like holding it with my 2 hands to enjoy. Missing was the half boil egg and mushroom maybe all chop into pieces all mix together that is why very juicy.

I like this hot water system container becos I can add in any hot water into the pot instead of asking and waiting for the waiters.
Fortunately I bring my own Chinese tea Ti Kuan Yin, as I am fully aware the chinese tea serve in all dim sum restaurant are the 3rd n 4th grade type of tea. Unfortunately I did bring my own clay tea pot as I am not aware this restaurant provide such good hot water system container where custoemr can DIY for brewing their own Chinese tea. This type of big ceremic tea pot does not allow you to brew bring out he best of even the top grade Chinese tea.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jin Xuan Hong Kong Steam Dim Sum

The steam dim sum come from the steam oven hot, this is what I call good dim sum as dim sum steam or fried must be serve hot on the table. That is why it is best to order a few item at a time and all at once order many and by the time you eat it some already become cold and loses it taste by 50%.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

JIN XUAN Hong Kong dim sum

Only order 3 items of all the various fried n bake dim sum at the now popular Jin Xuan Hong kong dim sum, as I avoid eating any sweet dim sum, as such only try one piece of the fried yam ( wu kok) and fried yam cake ( wu tao gao).

All fried bake dim sum are not fried or bake upon order, but all ready and place in warmwer cabinet so if stay too long it still become cold not only losing its taste but become too oily especially on the fried dim sum.
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Fried n Bake dim sum

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hawaii 1989

My 9th Hawaii visit greeting me was this young Hawaii beauti.
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