Sunday, July 14, 2013

Squirrel Fish

Name of this dish Squirrel Fish, name squirrel fish given could be there is such fish call squirrel or it is becuase of the cooking method? this dish is well known an popular in Shanghai.

Steam dumpling a common dish in China Jiangnan but only good if dip into the vinegar sauce other wise it is tasteless..

Tong Po meat a well known famous dish from Hangzhou West lake,the 3 layer fats meat pork belly require to steam for 3 hours till all the fats drip look fatty but not oily when put into your mouth just melt..

The Wuxi pork ribs taste poor as compare to all those I eaten before..

This steam n fried buns suppose to eat together with tong po n Wuxi pork rib but what I get was another version of preparing where it is to dip in sweet sauce to eat..

Qing He Lo a restaurant with chef from Shanghai but after eating all the famous Shanghai dishes I could say it is poor standard for Jiangnan dishes..

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Annie Bdays dinner

Annie Bdays dinner on 7/7 at our family all time favourite restaurant due to the great tasty dishes both adult n kids love to eat..parking never a problem here and the services very good...

Kids love the sweet & sour pork, fried taufu, fish fillets, crispy roast duck and the sea prawns fried with carnation milk..

Thai sour curry steam tilapia fish, all the fishes are live from the tanks, therefore it is fresh taste good..ths curry sauce sure enable u to eat 2 bowls of rice just with this dish alone..


The prawns use in this dish is from the sea not from the prawn farm where the fresh are not suculent n tender..most the other restaurant prefer to use farm tiger prawns. 

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Crispy Skin Roast Duck

one of our family most favourite dish at Choong Foong seafood restauratn at Subang village, is the crispy skin roast duck, the difference between roast duck ( roast duck roasted as whole duck) whereas crispy roast duck cut open up flatten dry for hours before roasting..


It is serve hot after heated up again in the oven come with special sauce, the crisy skin so crispy but he meat also tender n juicy not dry..

The XiangHao taufu a favourite of all the kids this a specialty dish of this restaurant.

extra order so that kids could enjoy 3 peices each, as they prefer this taufu more than crisy duck..

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