Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Washington Breadfast

This wondeful mixed fruits( black berries,honey dew, red grape, pineapple, ham sandwich, give me the energy require to visit White House etc..


Bacon, fried egg ( well done) and potatoes, again this is tasty and with a cup of cappucino just lovely to go with it..

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CourtYard Marriot,Breadfast.

Our best breadfast was from Courtyard Marriot, Washington D C, in order to try different menu, we ecided to order bacon, eggs and freid potatoes.


Cheese wrap with black berries and fried potatoes n tomatoes, both portion are consider oo big for asain small eater..

Somehow due too tasty and sharing half of each, we mange to clean up every bits of the breadfast with out any left over.

we ended up having 2 breadfast here could have the 3rd one if the restaurant was closed, so we ended having our last breadfast at Beacon hotel opposite which is also good.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

James Cendol 1974

Malaysia famous James Cendol since 1974, kids love to eat cool, sweet, aromatic coconut milk cendol..

They crowded around the Jame cnedol stall eager to get a bowl of the famous cendol..


Coconut milk with the green pandan leaves cendol..

the big red beans is a must for cendol..

The glutinous rice or pulut can be added for customer who love to eat pulut cendol..

coconut sugar liquid very aromatic without this cnedol become tasteless.

In a hot afternoon you love to eat a bowl of ice cool cendol some even take two bowl..

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

High Line Park View Deck

A view deck for visitors to sit, resting and enjoy the street views below.

There many visitors playing muscical instrument here, but none of them ask for money donation etc...


This are the 3 wheels bicycle use for the collection of rubbish, no wonder it is so clean, anyway visitors don't throw paper etc into the ground.


Three rubbish bin to select and throw blue for recycle bottles, plastic etc
yellow for paper cup etc and the black for foods etc..

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High Line Park food stalls.

You can rest at a small open F & B outlets wiht a few stalls selling snacks n hot drinks, This my cup of hot cappucino and my daughter & wife prefer hot black coffee, u can select the coffee beans, grind and brew with a paper filter inside the cup,real coffee taste 

there ice cream and other type snack foods here..

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rockefeller Centre

Rockefeller Centre at Time Square, there are 2 statues left and right side of the main entrance to the down centre restaurant..

The most photograph place was this 2 statues and the fountain at the walking street.


Rockeller centre surounded by all the world nation flags.

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