Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Our weather so hot maybe Malaysian women should waer like that and save money due less cloth use.
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Latest Jean

She is wearing a new design jean and the temperature must be too hot for her to wear only 2 piece...
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nihon Kai Japanese restaurant

My family member all like Japanese food since I start taking them to eat at the Japan Club kuala Lumpur in the 1980 as I was a member of the club located at taman Seputeh. This Japanese restaarant started by the former chief of the Japan Club and the food dishes offer are quite good and price reasonable.
For my birthday clebration decided to have it here after all those CNY Chinese restaurant foods which some could too oily and plenty of MSG added etc.
We book a Japanese room for my function and sure it is my grandchildren favourite as they can ran around the low table andplay their game etc. In addition everyone can select their choices plus other side dishes to share.
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Birth day Japanese lunch

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My grandchildren

All my grandchildren with me for my birthday lunch at NIhon Kai Japanese restaurant on the 6th of March as it is Saturday all free to join me.

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My birthday lunch

I first time in eating cold buckwheat soba was in Tokyo in 1991 while walking in Ginza area with Japnases friend I notice a restaurant display of his speciality dish cold buckwheat soba hand make in from of customer. i decided to try when told that this restaurant cold buckwheat is the best in Tokyo. It just plain buckwheat soba with a bowl of soup for you to dip that all but the soba was so delicious that you could finsih it within minutes. Ever since then it become my most favourite Japanese dish of course the local Japanese not as good as the Tokyo one but still it is good to me.
Tuna sushi and prawn sushi after the buckwheat soba I can only eat one piece of each.

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Buttefly grill salmon

Butterfly grill salmon set with rice and fruit
Fried oyster side order and fried oyster set.
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Selecting menu

MUM let me help you what to choose ...
Grill salmon
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Carlifornia rolls

Carlifornia roll meng Kit favourite side dish and mix sushi set his main set he can only finish 4 pcs out of eight.

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The japanese look better taste better when celecrating my birthday l;unch with children and grandchildren.

Everyone busy eating their lunch set they order and some side dishes to share.
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Meg Jun eyeing his tempura set just can't wait to start once the set on the table.
another delicious carlifornia roll his favourite
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Birthday Lunch

Grill eel and tempura

This teppanyaki oyster
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