Friday, September 25, 2009

The inner hall now being converted into a Chinese Folk culture and art museum .

The difference between a colorful restored roof top and the one that was not being restore was black without color.
The Chen Clan Academy Kuala Lumpur at China Town opposite the Chinese Assemby building follow the same design from Guangzhou. According to history the Kuala Lumpur founder originally wanted to built Kuala Lumpur Chen Clan Academy acording to the same sige as Guangzhou. However due to shortage of fund it was scale down to only about 20% of the Guangzhou CCA but all the workers and artists and materials are imported from Guangzhou.
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Chen Clan Academy Guangzhou

The inner Chen Clan Academy hall the marble pillars and roof top with color picture and various statues.
The academy still under going restoration works this roof and the one behind next being completed as scuh the color brighted and the various picturs couldseem clearly.
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chen Clan Academy Guangzhou

The ticket that could be use as post card.

The door with painted Door Gods.

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The inner entrance where there are guides and visitors need to buy ticket before allow to enter the Chen Clan Academy.
The main door of the Chen Caln Academy with nice beautiful wooden door craving incluidng the pillars.
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Chen Clan Academy Gaungzhou

After main Gate to greet visitors are statues with each a story from ancient.. unforfutnately I am not edcuated in Mandarin and does not know much about Chinese Ancent History.

This is another scenes taken from a page of the history of China.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chen Clan Academy Guangzhou

Two green lions just outside the entrance gate to Chen Clan Academy.

Just wonder how long it take to shape the two green lions.

Chen Clab Academy maint entrance gate.
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thousand years old temple Guangzhou

There is a fund raising going to extend and renovatate the thousand years old temple.The number of people visiting this temple demonstrate it is a very popular temple in this district. We also see monks going round saying prayers etc with the people but due to the works going on we are quite restricted to move about to explore etc.The picture of the old is what the temple going to be when it is fully exended etc in a few years times.
Back to back in side the main entrance with the Laughing Buddha was this Three Eye God statue.
This smaller prayer hall was on the right side of the temple.
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Thousand Years Old Temple Guangzhou

Unkown to us there was still an old temple that was claim to be more than over thouand years old just next to Beijing Road pedestrain street.
I accidentally come this temple when after breadfast with Lai decided to have an early walk around the surrounding place.
Just after 10 minutes walking we enter a back lane and toward the end was the entrance of this old temple. It culd be our luck or faith becuase we decided to follow some ederly women folks all seem to be turning into this back lane.
Right in front the main entrance to ward the end of the lane greeting us was this Golden Laughing Buddha.
Once inside both on the left and right are the normal four God Door that uually are found standing on both side of the temple main entrance.
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Friday, September 11, 2009

ALOHA meeting me on arrival this beautiful Hawaii girl. She is very sporting n we went to disco near MIramr Hotel in Internationa Market Place where I stay entance fes only USD2 only, there wasn't any chair to sit all stand up but could place their drinks on a tall round table. She come along with some friends and everyone one buy their own drinks, This is what we call America Stlye in Kuala Lumpur whenever we in goup every one share the bill.
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Monday, September 7, 2009


I found this photo again in my store with some other old photos.
I visited Petra in Jordan where all the houses dug from the mountain side. The only way down to the valley is by horse riding, you dont how how to ride a horse a boy will assist you for the eldery people they can use horse cart.

Well I hope still find more photos taken in Jordan, dead Sea bathing, roamn Empire castle and ruins and the hot water fall etc.
I still remeber we stay at a resort hotel in the hot water fall area. The bath room you take take bath with hot under ground water from the pipe. But we choose to go the water fall never try such hot natural water fall. There already many local men bathing there... our party include 6 beauties wearing one piece and two swimsuit ... we have a very good time...after an hour such I felt all silent and the wayer pool quite big seem deserted.. where are all the local men???
We i look up all squatting up on the hill side surrounding the pool area their eye big and shinning with mounthwide open.. just vulture waiting for prey..

Too dangerous quickly get all the beauties and we went back to hotel...
late the Tour Guide told us local people men have never see women in such swim suit and our beauties look so with fair and 3 with big bust 36 n 3 other with 34 but it is safe in this resort.
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Beijing Road

CoCa Cola clock with date and it is the head of the train stall selling drinks n snacks.
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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beijing Road Guangzhou

I found out in this long Beijing Road there are limited stalls selling for drinks and snack only in the middle of the street. I it is not like our Malaysia shopping street where hundred of stalls in 4 rows are in the sides and middle of the street that make so hot, so narrow with little space for shoppers to walk.
Ihave not visited our famous Petaling Street in China town for at least 15 years now. Even if there is ned to go there to buy some specail things it is straight to the shop and off back home of some of places.
Look Like Coca Cola was the only company was permitted to put up about 4 such nice train stall.
It was arrange in such a way that after walking for some times and distance a shoppers could buy the drinks a vast selection and also easily get a place to sit down to enjoy...
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Friday, September 4, 2009

Song n Ming Dynastry Street.

Unkown to the people of Guangzhou or the people staying and doing business in Beijing Road... under the street surface was 2 ancient street sony and ming dynasty.
The authourity while diging the raod surface to convert it into a pedestrain street accidently found not one but two anceint street about 6 feet down.
The authourity make two section each about 1 meter long with light and cover with plastic glass for visitors to view.
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beijing Road.

Beside the sopping mall there two row of shops that sell luggages, bags including all those famous bands LV etc... I ask the price after checking one up side down and it is real... the price RM2000 in Paris maybe selling 10K above.
The price war is on big discount .. shop till you have no money. I bought 3 Nike t shirt each RM3 only. However after wearing and washing etc a few times it is still good and very comfortable to wear during the hopt weather. Regret should buy dozen.
On board the plane home seated behind my row a group of ladies .. from their conversation if they know such good paradise for shopping they might cancell some tour sightseeing... just 4 hours only all their cash money gone... credit some shops don't accept better than Hong kong .. come again for shopping only next visit.
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Beijin Road Guangzhou

My last vsit to Gaungzhou was in 1998 and just after 11 years a re visit in July 2009 was quite shocking to me. Some of places that I re visited the changes was beyond my imagination.
Beijing Road in Guangzhou in 1998 was one of the two shopping streets in Gaungzhou. The other street was Top Bottom Nine street ( Shangxiaju ) both streets offer the best shopping.
However this time both stret was turn into a pedestrain streets and as I was staying at Canton at one end of Beijing Road quite area and just 5 mintues walk to the busy section of the street.

At night it is like the famous Nathan road in Kowloon, Hong Kong. So crowded with shoppers.
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