Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ms Coconut

I never fail to stop on the road side on the way to Vungtau about 3 hrs from HCMcity for fruits and drink cool coconut water from this particular rest stop. She is my favourite Ms Coconut girl, on arrival she will first hand you a clean cool tower and then serve you with a green cocconut.

Malaysian tourists drinking coconut water at chu Chi tunnels after touyring the tunnels.
lazy chairs under shady trees at the fruits rest stop for travellers.
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Vietnam Women

How about me!
She is my choice..
How about me..
look at her smile..i wonder what she is looking at!
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hanoi No 2

Vietnam only started it economic reform in 1989, starting my travel business in the South Ho Chi Minh city fomerly known as Saigon, I notice the great differences between the Northern women and the Sougthern women of Vietnam. Th Northern women was never expose to the western people especiallythe American soldiers etc as compare to the Southern women. During the American Vietnam in Saigon there bares, nightclub, message parlour and brothels.
As such with opening of economic reform all foreign business venture started very fast in Saigonas compare to the North. The former women in the sex trade all become owners of bars, nigthclub message parlour and brothel etc and become Mama san.
The Northern woemn are shy but very polite and friendly and willing to talk to froreigners once you win their confident. Their dresses are simple or national dress, the Southern women dressing are more to the western style and those inthe S trade wear less at night spot etc.
Both are equally polite and freindly but I could feels the differences as the Norther women behaviour are more natural like village women humble, sincere and honest.
This young Hanoi women was the another one that I arrange them for a job interview at the Korean hotel apartment whenI met them at the hotel garden. They dare not went inside the hotel lobby for a blind job hunting.
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hanoi women

I saw her at the garden of the newly built hotel apartment in Hanoi walking around with a friend. I was invited to check out the facilities and meeting with the Korean owner for business discussion etc.
She was trying to get a job in this hotel butjust just do not have the knowledge to go inside to ask for an interview,
I took her to see the owner and wish her the best of luck.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snapshot Vietnam Women

Both picture taken at restaurant of REX Palace hotel VUNGTAU a beach resort formerly used by GI during Vietnam American War as holidays retreat.
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Charmaine & Mum

Charmaine and her Mum before she board her flight to Sydney then transit for 8 hrs before connecting her flight from SYD to Auckland city last May.
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Human Race made by....

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year 1110 lunch

I give a lunch to all married children and Charmaine it is our first lunch together on the 1.1.2010, Mimi and KS smiling whereas Meng Kit pray to Buddha for Mum, Dad, brother and all.
Eddy, Caren and 2 kids restaurant pack with customers dim sum a bit late as it is order and cook, this the best way to eat dim sum.
Mother love feeding daughter.
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