Sunday, July 25, 2010

Canada Spider Crab Craws meat Pizza

Annie decided to try to use Canada Spider craws meat for her next home make pizza since it is know to be sweet and tasty, the crab craws meat in big chunks require to be broken into smaller pieces before adding as pizza topping.
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Spider Crab meat Piizza

A blend of 3 type of cheeses Mozzarela, cheddar and Parmesan was use for the topping of the pizza.
First spread the tomatoes sauce, cheeses and Canada Spider crab craws meat, the crab meat in big chunk should be beak into smaller pieces and spread on top, then add in all thefresh onion and red chilli. it ready to be in to the oven.
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Canada Spider Crab meat PIZZA

A special blend of Mozzarella, Cheddar and Parmesan cheeses was finally added on top of the pizza before putting into the electric oven for 20 minutes.
After 20 minutes at 200 c. auto switch off left in the oven for 5 minutes it is ready for eating, this Annie 5th home make pizza also the best as the Canada spider crab craws meat and 3 type of cheeses was use. My 2 grand sons put their fingers up and requested for more.
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Home Pizza part 2

Last week order 2 regular pizza chicken n tuna from Pizza Hut price RM33.80 for lunch with my 2 grandchildren due to no gas for cooking.
Pizza Hut cut corner u can't find chicken or tuna n less chesse etc if weight it I think less even grandchildren say no good n it is not the first time.
Annie try her hand on making her 2nd pizza yesterday after the first one not so good, this time chicken n prawn so good on par if not better than pizza hut or dominoes lah.
Annie now will have confident to make pizza next week for grandchildren to eat n maybe later a home pizza party for all children n grandchildren one Sunday.
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Home Pizza part 1.

After the first pizza decided to make 2nd pizza with chicken n prawn, mozarrela cheese, onion, fresh tomatoes n Cameron chilli. Bake for 20 minutes n left in hot oven for another 5 minutes.
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Friday, July 16, 2010


Raku Zen at Empire shopping a Japanese serving authentic Japanese even the portion was big similar to Japan, this restaurant become our favaourite now even thought it is quite expensive but value for money. Our third time to order Nabeyaki Udon Temaki ( claypot Udon handroll set and Nabeyaki Udon Califronia roll set with my wife. The first time we didn't know the portion was big and we can finish when we extra 2 other side dishes.
Both Nabeyaki udon main dish was the same except that the extra dish are handrool set n california roll set. Beside a tempura prawn, fried pumkin, lady finger, mushroom, fish cake a scallop was included, the soup was so delicious but no MSG base on our tongue sensitive to MSG.
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Nabeyaki Udon Temaki & Maki Zen

Come with steam egg very tasty n smooth so far the best.
A plate of fruits 4 pices n pickle vegetables similar to Korean kimchi
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RAKU ZEN Nabeyaki Udon

The Nabeyaki Udon Temaki Zen ( claypot udon & handroll set) main dish all the ingredients are the same with claypot udon & California rooll set, consist of 2 hand roll sashimi slamon n prawn.

Nabeyaki Udon Calofronai Maki zen come with 6 pcs of califronia roll with flying fish eggs.
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This crow was found guilty of stealing cloths hannger, panties, sock n childen t shirts beside shitting all over the balcony.
Base on the Chinese saying "Kill one to scare the rest" decided to trap one of the hundred crows hang.
The result was other crows dare not come again to steal n shit, only sit on the wire making noises but when I try to take photo with my camera all started fly n circle for hours before disappear for ever.
So peaceful now aday I can have a my afternoon snap with crows wake up call every minute.
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