Wednesday, November 23, 2011


From Amsterdam airport to KLIA deliver to my home 2 boxes of Gouda's Gild original StroopWaffles..

Just one bite,I immeadiately go for the 2nd n 3rd bites.. within a few second one piece all inside my lvoely to delicious to eat..

This caramel filled waffles not sweet just nice the tasste crispy outside , inside fillings soft next piece I brew a cup of white coffee the most tasty but need to stop otherwise will eat all...

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Curry chicken meehoon

home cook curry chicken is my favourite it is anytime better than those so call best in town...

chicken meat from free run chicken where the meat tough and tender..

a simple plate of fried meehoon, just add in the curry chicken with gravy...

plate of boil vege...

after adding the curry chicken into the plate of meehoon, a simple and delicious lunch...

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

U Char Kooi Man OUG

My favourite U Char Kooi man at work at his stall, he keep all his utensils clean, table top clean and uses 10 kgs of fresh new oil for each wok every morning...using traditional old recipe..

daughter and wife at the stall to help.. my daughter u char kooi, buns etc the Best bite you come again for it..

Another of my favourite the long bean bun with louts paste insde cover with seasame seeds...

Steady flow of customers will comeand buy open by 0700 hrs most likely finish sold out by 1030 hrs...
I prefer to come by 0730 hrs when the first batch ready as it is using fresh new oil..

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Fried Buns

Fried buns ( hum chee pan) there are 2 varieties to choose sweet with red bean paste or salty both are equally crispy and aromatic,

fried round balls with lotus paste outside cover with seasame seeds, becareful it is very hot best open it into half let cool down before your BIG bite...

fried cake bun with glutinous rice in the middle, the side very crispy...aromatic.

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Fried Bread Stick

There are 3 such hawker stalls in OUG morning market but this is the best one , clean the best part it is using 10 kgs of new oil to fry all the U char kooi ( fry bread stick) when the color light golden that mean using new oil not recycle oil ( re use and reuse many time over)

traditional recipe, good fresh oil every day as such it is aromatic and to dip into black coffee, eat with porridge or with our local famous bak kut teh.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Flower Man OUG market

All his customers call him American man due to he spending 6 months in USA at his daughter home, but only open his flower stall toward end of the year for Xmas and Chinese New Year.

beside flowers there are plants too samll and big type and kind..

There will be more flowers next month for Xmas...

This are the most popular bamboo stick plant for Chinese New Year you need to start now easy to plant just put into a glass vase of water

boonsai tress


busy attending to customers ...

he also do gradening and ladscaping for home. just call him...

fertilizers for flower plants, fruit trees and green plant his lorry flower pots etc..

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Insects Eating Plants

Insects eating plants opne up it shell into 2, omit smell that attract insects to craw into inside...

once the insects inside, close up ans slolwy digest the need fertilizer for this eating insects plants.

This cup shape insects eating plants attracts bigger insect like bees, butterfly, caterpillars etc to inside..

The chimmey insect eating plants tall, this attract worms etc to go inside for the juice...

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