Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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I don't paying entrance fees to see this great wedding of the year and should be in Malaysia guiness record .
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Malay aristocrat couple Penthouse wedding style for their wedding at a Malacca hotel. This wedding style bride in topless beat any wedding style in Hollywood or Bollywood.
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Topless Bride

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Encounter with Ghost

In my early tips given I advised people not to start their jogging or walking before 0600 hrs as it is Ghost month now. However I am so use to starting my walking before 6 am or just after as long as I am ready after light Bfast etc.
Last Saturday it was raining in the night and since the air cool and nice I decided to walk even it is quite dark before 6 am with nice walking stick. My walking stick was bought at MT WUYI in FUJIAN about 15 years and so far walkers whom I met seem to like this walking stick of mine.
After 10 minutes I reached the big play ground with basket ball court and a badminton court. The basket ball court is the place a group of senior citizens gather after 6am doing their exercises with music on etc. The badminton court only occupy a smaller group during the weekend for Kung FU practice etc after 6.30 am.
I walking at the roadside and I saw 2 person in white practice Kung Fu slowly and it was quite dark. Just after a few steps I re look again but there was not even a single person, I look around I just could not see any person around the play ground and the 2 persons I saw cannot walk that fast and just vanish in the air... immediately I know it is GHost.. my hair on both hands started to stand and my skin become sore and rough like there is bubble.
My next encounter was the next morning SUN as I started walking earlier at around 5.30 am. This time after reaching a straight long straight road I saw one figure walking walking at the far end to ward me and I could see it as it was walking near a lamp post. My usual style beside looking forward and all other side road etc however I never look backward unless I hear a motor bike or car sound coming from behind just to prevent from being rob in the early morning.
It was just only a few seconds when I look forward to the front but there no more a figure walking toward me, I immediately walker faster forward but looking at a side road I could see any figure, I knew it was a GHOST as usual my whole body had the same type of feelings.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Hungry Ghost Festival

To day 20th August is the 7th lunar month of the Chinese calender and The Hungry Ghost Festival start and end on the 30th day of the 7th month.
On the eve of the full moon in the 7th month The Hell Emperor will release all the souls and the hell will be open. Souls from purgatory will have their vacation for 30 days and will be visiting their family , relatives and friends.
For those souls with no place to go they will be roaming the streets to beg for offerings by people who offer paper money, joss sticks , fruits, foods, wine etc at the road sides.
However for the business community street vendors, hawkers, shop owners, restaurants there will be a big celebration with religious ceremonies, puppet or opera stage show or modern singing show etc. This kind of big scale celebration normally start and for a few nights ending on the 14th day and all offering will burn at mid night.

I will be visiting such bigger scale celebration near my area and will publish the photos when it is available.

In the meantime there are things you should not do and stay at home at night.
1. Do not go out at night, if must do return early before mid night.
2. Do not travel for vacation or drive long distance at night.
3. Be careful when walking and turning into a street, road corner, turn with a round curve.
4. Do not pick up any objectives that look good and attractive from the road and bring home.Who know there is soul  inside!
5. When walking home at night if some one call you from behind don't turn your head behind and look around.
6. If you do morning walking exercises start after 6 am or later and best with a companion and bring along a walking stick.

If you understand that there only two type of souls release by the Hell Emperor which are all registered and control by the Yama's Servant ( Horse face and Cow face). The other souls are those that die without proper burial ceremony and place to call home. Those who die in the wilderness during the wars or who body cannot be located or lost for ever. Such souls are stateless and cannot enter hell and just wondering around and become ghost. 
The Horse face and Cow face are hell police to catch them and put for 9 trail at the 9 court of justice for their crime and wrong doing committed.
During Ghost festival in the lunar month of 7th they only dare to venture out openly in the streets and mix with all other legal souls. This is the only time they can get foods and other offering given by the people. Those early when their time no due yet will try to look for a replacement! just who is the unlucky one... so don't go out at night and stay late during the 7th month.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

There are as many as 50 over tanks stock with all swimming seafood from the deep sea and the rivers. George Zeng and my freind Lai Boon Peng selection of seafood with the restaurant manager and inform how to be cook etc. Besides seafood a feqw other local famous dishes was order as well.

I was shocked when told the bill only RGT 280 for a table of 6 person with about 10 dishes out of which 4 are live seafood. In Malaysia just one fish live will cost you at least RGT150 above.
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Fangcun Town seafood

Besides row of tea shops and tea complex in Fangcun, there are equally a good choice of restautrants for your selection. My nephew George Zeng with his business partners took us to a big seafood restaurant for our lunch. Like Gaungzhou city all the seafood are swimming in the tanks f0r your selection with net, inspection by customers and then weight before taken into the kitchencook etc.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

TNB using dirty trick to cheat consumers

On the 12th August I received TNB August billing by post. I was shock to that the charges was RGT 174 based on the reading of 19121 unit. Upon checking my electric meter reading it was only 18948 therefore extra 459 unit.

1. The charges for first 500 unit at 0.286 cents and there after 500 unit and above the charges was at 0.378 cents. This resulted me ended paying extra 409 unit with 82 unit at 0.386 per unit that give extra RGT31. In addition there was a delay of 7days due the reading if taken on the 5th August should less than 18948 therefore ended paying extra of RGT68.

2. The TNB meter man did come to the house to read the meter but TNB office just simply bill on the higher side.

3. I went to TNB on the 12th to lodge my complaint and the counter staff willing to issued a new bill based on the 12th reading of 18948 that I give evn thought it is supose to be lower. For this calculation of later 7 days I am paying extra in advance to TNB base on assumption that next month they come earlier than 12th Spetmeber to read the meter.
The new TNB bill based on 18948 reading given by me was only 409 unit therefore all charges base on 0.286 and the total billing was now RGT116.95 a total saving of RGT68. Just imagine how TNB could earn by using this dirty method to over charge consumers and earn huge Profit and also wanted to further increase the unit tariff charges higher claiming high cost of operation etc.

I hope our PM and Cabinet will seriousl look into this problemn. If I am not mistaken this issue was bought up and high lighjted in the press before.

My advise to all consumers.

If you receive billing by post immeadiately check and read your meter and take the matter up with TNB office nearer to your house. Don't email or call up you could get nothing done.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Left to right, Mr Lai Boon Peng, George leather partner, George Zeng my nephew and me photo taken at the Jin Pin tea wholesaler, Fangcun, Guangzhou.

Another section of the shop, I will definitely revist this Fangcun tea town to explore further during the next visit. I intend to stay 2 nights at Fangcun to find out more about the tea industry and to buy tea here due to vast variety available and it is cheaper than Malaysia half the price and better quality and new stock.
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I was to leave for Kuala Lumpur on 28th July at 8 pm but  my nephew George Zeng came to pick me up at 9.30 am to take me to buy Chinese tea. I was taken to Fangcun tea town about 30 -45 minutes from Guangzhou city centre. I was shock to see Fangcun Avenue the main road where shops at both side sell tea, out of 10 shops 7 are tea shops. In addition there are few big complex that have a few hundred shops selling tea and tea utensils A-Z ( teapot,pitcher,lid saucer,tea cups, cup saucers, tea receptacle, pincer, tea scraper,tea scraper, tea scoop,towel wraps,tea tower,crucible, stove & kettle, tea tray) make in wood, ceramic ,bamboo etc with different design and pattern etc.
Fangcun in the early 1950 is agriculture with tea estate etc Some how it started to slowly from a wholesalers market place for agriculture products and  also produce tea. Fangcun then expand into wholesaler market place. By 1980 onward row and row of  shops selling all kind of tea grown from all over China The other industry like packing, printing and manufacturing tea untensils, tea making accessories, and packing materials boxes, containers etc added. By 1990 it was establish a as famous tea town for retailing and wholesale of tea from whole of China. There are a few tea complexes in Fangcun where buyers can get every things from A-Z.

Jing Pin Tea

Some of the purple caly YIXING tea pots display in a cabinet.

Some Pu Er tea in beautiful boxes.

Me and the master.
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My nephew George Zeng took me and Mr Lai to Jin Pin Tea a wholesaler in Fangcun located in the town area. This shop well stock with all type and kind of tea and tea accessories inclduig various type beautiful boxes /containers for storage of tea your purchase. Those beautiful containers you need to pay according to the design etc but the normal type normally it is FOC when you buy.

The manager and a master tea maker, he from master in Shaolin kung fu. he take the times to brew a few type of tea for Mr Lai and me to taste and tell us the story behind the tea etc.

This are Pu ER tea it is of very good quality and grown wild in the mountainous area and consider organic. Some tea drinkers and retailer will buy this kind of Pu ER and keep for years and slowly sell it when the price shoot up.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A wooden water mill use by the Cuiheng villagers for getting water from the canal for the rice field. The 2 farmers will step on the wooden paddle one on each side to turn the buckets and get water from the canal.
A big bell that was display inside the memorial park.

This a big tripod incense burner.
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