Monday, October 31, 2011

100 years Road

This restaurant Mandarin name in English " 100 years Road Penang" it is selling all those Penang famous foods..use to passed by and notice the crowd there..

decided to try out last Sunday the mneu quite a great varities of dishes to choose, I settle for this Nyona rice nasi lemak

that come with the usual curry rendang chicken, sambal but with a piece of the Penang famous lobak ( fried sauges)

and with inredient vege similar like those use in popia...taste nothing special or to shout about just normal to me, won't try this any more..

Annie order the eve popular nasi lemak, some how it is the same curry rendang chicken not fried???

according to Annie she was disappointed with the poor quality of the fried peanuts and the lowest grade of ikan billis ( anchovies )

Well if we want to eat nasi lemak the best is still buying from our local morning stall, starting from Rm4.50 just add a few more igredients like fried chicken, cockles, curry potatos, sotong etc your price doesn't go beyond RM10. but the tastefar much better.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Kim Fah Tea House

Kim Fah tea House in English, Kim Fah bakery in Mandarin this is the famous bakery in Raub town only known to the local unless someone tell you about this shop that sell a few varieties of good tasty bake biscuits and black coffee.

Curry chicken puff very delicious due to it is using the Indian curry, it is any time better than some of the K.L. famous branded bakery, the price only RM1.30 per piece but in K.L. the price start from RM1.70-RM2.20 piece.

Char siew sho one of favourite dim sum restaurants but this one taste the best and beat all other bakery plus the price so cheap RM1.30 also, at dim sum restaurant Rm3 above and k.L. bakeries sella t RM1.90-RM2.30...

Kaya puff and egg tart both also sellingat RM1.30 per piece but no more stomach to taste it so buy all varieties back home for wife and grandchildren and they calim very good, next to have again next day..Hahaha..

The tray all those biscuits snacks straight from the oven redy for customers...most of the locals come here for cups and some of those lovery tasty...maybe outstation guys like us who know this place..

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Siew Pau

after the plate of choo cheong fun the hot siew pau aroma started to float in the air of the shop Kim Fah bakery..

looking around notice other table guests drinking black coffee and eating siew pau or others...

No regret at all the siew pau taste so good better than those sell in K.L. and black hot coffee smooth with strong aroma..

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Choo Cheong Fun

This the best and most famous Choo Cheong Fun, come with plenty home made gravy totally different from those in K.L.

The portion much smaller but the taste the best, only get it in Raub town, Pahang.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wing Hiong bak kut teh

WOW a few type and kind of bak kut teh dishes we order...

Whenever at bak kut teh restaurant sure there is one of us busy brewing puer tea etc for the rest, this time it is Lai

Here any one wanted more...

I need to brew more tea for the fast the puer tea taste too good to be slow in drinking it..

History about how bak kut Teh in Malaysia started...all written ....

The best way to print and display the menu on the wall...

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Wing Hiong Bak Kut Teh

Our group of 8 went for this newly open branch outlet Wing Hiong bak kut teh..

bowl of big bone i love this...

Ladies like to this bowl of mix pig stomach, intestine etc....

men love to bite the big bone...sure you wanted this bone ask Chris..

Three layers very good for bitting if you like fats...

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

David Ng my host

Mr & Mrs David Ng after all the hard works finally he can settle down to enjoy his dinner...

David Ng with First Baptist Church talent singers next myself and liew Shou Kong below Chris Ng all invetited huests of David Ng.

After dinner finally manage to photo with great Arthur..

I nearly miss the greatest opportunity to meet up again wiht my classmate from primarly to secondary Mr Ting..

at first i hesitated about accepting the invitation to attend a concert in a church as I haven't been to a church since the childhood days at old town P.J but somehow i decided to accept by next morning..WHY.. I tell all by 2 morow once I get the confirmation aftyer checking it up ...

They are just a few of the volunteers who make this Art concert and buffet dinner at very successfuly one.

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